The Gender Debate in Trucking

the gender debate in trucking

In the last couple of weeks Diesel News has been concentrating on the gender debate in trucking. This week’s contribution comes from Leanne Kelly, who is currently working as a truck driver for an operator in South East Queensland. 

Leanne responds to last week’s contribution to the debate from Urszula Kelly:

“I agree with what Urszula Kelly says, in Diesel News, completely. I started in the transport industry back in the early to mid eighties. In those days there were very few women drivers and forklift operators, it was hard, very hard to get a start at times, and then we were given the hardest jobs and the most difficult gear to operate.

“However, by doing that they made me, personally, a better operator, today. I, myself, just want to be able to perform my duties as a professional driver in the best possible way. Looking after the gear and freight I am responsible for in the safest manner. 

“I dont like to be treated differently than my male colleagues but appreciate the respect I am given as a professional driver, a respect which I return.

“Sadly, I have noticed, of late, young men entering the industry who idolise some of the old school operators, who have developed ‘the attitude’ of the old days. Perhaps this lack of general respect also reflects the younger generation in general, over all.

“I feel the gender issue for some is disappointing, as I believe when a male, female or otherwise can handle a profession, any kind of profession, they should be able to do it without any kind of discrimination. If that was the case, the world may just go forward in a much better manner.”

Does the experience of the two women who have contributed to the gender debate in trucking so far, align with your experience? If you would like to make a contribution, just email Diesel News at


the gender debate in trucking