The End of an Acco Era

the end of an Acco era

As the last Euro 5 model rolled off the line in Dandenong in Victoria and the last unit left the assembly plant it marked the end of an Acco era. The Iveco Acco has been a mainstay of the Australian trucking scene since its first appearance back in 1961. 

In those days it was known a s the AACO, manufactured on the A Line rather than today’s C line. It was initially developed from a military truck, the International Mark 3 general service 4×4 vehicle, and adapted for civilian use. During the sixties the truck ended up in applications right across the fast-growing trucking industry from heavy prime mover to 4×2 local delivery truck, plus as a platform for just about any kind of mobile equipment. 

The current shape Acco was introduced back 1972 and the basic layout and silhouette has remained very much the same until today. Each iteration over the years has brought the model up to date to suit the industry preferences and the contemporary climate.

In more recent years the truck has found a long-term home in the waste and concrete industries, offering a reliability and low tare weight, plus a flexible platform custom made for particular applications.

Unfortunately, the introduction of Euro 6, expected to be mandated in the mid twenties, but becoming the emissions level of choice for city-based operations, has ended the old Acco’s long run.


the end of an Acco era
Commemorative Number Plate Presented to ‘Mr Acco’ himself, Iveco Brand Ambassador, Lloyd Reman (R)

Iveco now face a difficult transition period as a new Acco is prepared to enter the Australian market, some time in 2020. The new version is based on the Iveco S-Way platform, sold both here and in Europe. There is expected to be considerable development work required to adapt a heavier European design to meet stringent height, weight, turning circle etc, requirements in the waste industry.

As a result we can expect to see the other truck brands adapting current models to suit the waste industry in an attempt to compete with the next generation Acco, when it arrives. Any truck manufacturer with a low tare, 300 hp heavy duty 6×4 platform with the right dimensions is going to be eyeing up the potential truck sales in a sector which has been dominated for so long by one model.

According to Iveco this may be the end of an Acco era, but also the beginning of a new Acco era. The next generation Acco model is now engaged in an extensive local development program, with several evaluation vehicles currently in year-long trials with key waste customers, where they are reported to have performed well according to feedback and performance benchmarking.

Not only will the new range include cleaner and more efficient Euro 6 engines, but on the safety front, vehicles will feature new technology including Adaptive Cruise Control, Advanced Emergency Braking System, Electronic Braking System with Brake Assistance, Electronic Stability Program and Daytime Running Lamps. 

There will also be further options, like Hydraulic Retarder, Lane Departure Warning System, Driver Attention Support, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and Xenon Headlamps.


the end of an Acco era