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The iconic Bandag Bullet, now renamed as the Bullet Burnout Truck made an impressive comeback at the annual Summernats festival in Canberra recently, having been resurrected by Laurie Williams, owner of North Queensland Truck and Machinery Movements, and supported by Penske.

The heavily-modified Western Star 4800 is powered by  a Detroit 16V92 two-stroke engine, rated at 2,800 hp with nitrous oxide gas injection and an Allison CR 8000 series transmission.

“Since I bought my first Star in 1989, I have always loved the brand and been Western Star through and through,” said Laurie.

“The Bullet is an absolute icon! So when I was able to purchase it early last year, I thought this is my opportunity to make the Bullet into what I want.

“It had started life with a White Expeditor cab and after a period with another brand, the first thing I wanted to do was to return the Bullet to its grassroots with a tough-looking Western Star cab.

“So I reached out to the team at Penske and they were thrilled to be given the opportunity to support the project.”

Western Star dealer, Penske Power Systems Brisbane, has a longstanding relationship with Laurie having delivered multiple Western Star units over the years.

“Laurie has an affinity for impeccably-presented Stars – so we knew the Bullet would be spectacular,” said Wayne Wallace, general manager – retail truck sales, Penske Power Systems.

“After all, his eye-catching ‘Phat Cat’ truck won ‘Truck of the Show’ at the 2018 Western Star Trucks Show n Shine and ‘Best Western Star Over 10 Years’ at last year’s show!

“When Laurie approached Penske about the opportunity to support him in transforming the old Bandag Bullet into the new Bullet Burnout Truck, we were on board immediately.

“It was a huge effort with the transition commencing in November and the unveiling taking place within 18 days – well done to Laurie and the whole team on an amazing job.”

Along with local dealer Penske Power Systems, Western Star distributor Penske Commercial Vehicles also supported the transformation project.

“Laurie has been a great advocate of the Western Star brand over the years so it has been a pleasure to support him on this project and see the Bullet return to the Western Star brand,” said Dale Christensen, national sales manager – Western Star Trucks, Penske Commercial Vehicles.

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