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Testing air brake systems

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The THT-test case (Truck Hand Terminal) from MAHA is said to make possible quick, accurate testing of air brake systems on commercial vehicles.


The Truck Hand Terminal is especially equipped for use with air brake systems, and can be used to measure brake timing, apply and release times. The system offers numerous possibilities for diagnostics and as an aid for adjustment and maintenance work on air brake systems. A mobile all-purpose device, it is integrated into a sturdy case and even the basic version offers a number of different functions.


The integrated radio pressure sensors send the measurements made to the terminal, cable and hose-free. This has the advantage of offering time-synchronized measurement values, which are collected centrally, documented and evaluated, according to the application. The THT can be positioned anywhere, and is entirely independent of the vehicle.


With an additional update the THT can be used for function tests of the electrical trailer interface, ISO 11992. A diagnostic adapter developed specifically for this is coupled into the corresponding plug connection between prime mover and trailer and taps into the information exchange between the two vehicles during the brake test. Incomplete and incorrect data can then be detected during the test.


Three radio pressure sensors with connection hoses are standard equipment, which come with the device, and the radio pressure sensors can be increased to a maximum of five. The integrated charger is designed to charge a maximum of 5 radio pressure converters. The included test software was developed for Netbook, Laptop and PDA. The THT Case provides sufficient storage for all accessories and tools required.

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