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Is the Letter H for Hydrogen or For Hype?

There has been a lot of comment in various parts of the media, but for the trucking industry it can …
a message likely to haunt anyone
Fleet Management

A Message Likely to Haunt Anyone

This is an example of the kind of email no-one wants to see, a message likely to haunt anyone in …
practical cybersecurity needs policy protection
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Practical Cybersecurity Needs Policy Protection

When talking about cybersecurity, there is logically significant focus on the technical side, but practical cybersecurity needs policy protection. When …
first production of electric trucks
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First Production of Electric Trucks

Melbourne based company SEA Electric has commenced the first production of electric trucks at commercial volume levels in Australia, with …
sharing expertise with others in the industry
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Sharing Expertise With Others in the Industry

National Transport Insurance have been running series of webinars giving experts, in various fields associated with the trucking industry, the …
Australia's serious food loss and waste
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Australia’s Serious Food Loss and Waste

The Australian food transport industry is expected to do its share of the hard lifting as the government steps up …
hydrogen powered truck innovation
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Hydrogen Powered Truck Innovation

The current development program by Hyundai Trucks, in terms of hydrogen powered truck innovation is looking to develop a new …
wheel bearing inspection vital
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Wheel Bearing Inspection Vital

Wheel bearings are the link between the wheels and the trailer, making regular wheel bearing inspection vital. Thorough cleaning and …
get with the program and use EBS properly
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Get With The Program and Use EBS Properly

Heavy duty braking specialist, Shane Prendergast, sees braking problems every day in his job and he just wants everyone to …
security problems with data

Security Problems With Data

If you want to open a can of worms, then the best thing to do is ask a question about …
ensure the ideal clutch setup

Ensure The Ideal Clutch Setup

The following procedure outlines what adjustments and clearances must be set to ensure the ideal clutch setup, longevity, and avoid …