the transition across to battery electric
Electric Power, SEA

The Transition Across to Battery Electric

SEA Electric, who have been at the leading edge of the transition across to battery electric, and have created a …
a heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck
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A Heavy Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck

Less than a year ago, Hino Trucks in the US announced that it was building a heavy duty hydrogen fuel …
a wide ranging solution for trucking operators
Electronics, Fleet Management, Telematics

A Wide Ranging Solution For Trucking Operators

After a period of transition the combination of Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions is offering a wide ranging solution for trucking …
vital component in the electric drivetrain
Electric Power

Vital Component in the Electric Drive Train

Manufacturers are now examining all of the elements which will be needed to create the future electric truck and a …
Australia’s hydrogen industry
Electric Power, Fuel

Australia’s Hydrogen Industry 

National Energy Resources Australia has launched HyCapability, connecting Australia’s hydrogen industry to a global market. It is Australia’s first hydrogen …
a part searching app for your phone
Components, Consumables, Filters

A Part Searching App on Your Phone

Fleetguard has developed a free app which provides multiple ways to search for thousands of parts from a mobile device, …
tyres and axle alignment issues
Tyre Maintenance, Tyres, Wheel Alignment

Tyres and Axle Alignment Issues

The safety and efficiency of truck tyres comes down to a topic often discussed, tyres and axle alignment issues.
what are the alternatives to diesel?

What are the Alternatives to Diesel?

One thing is for sure, there is no one technological solution which is going to solve all of the issues …
Inseego Ctrack to pivot and concentrate on Australia
Electronics, Fleet Management, Telematics

Inseego Ctrack to Pivot and Concentrate on Australia 

A global sale announcement will enable Inseego Ctrack to pivot and concentrate on Australia and Europe as part of its …
new look for Truckline
Components, Consumables, Filters, Lubricants

New Look for Truckline

A refresh for a chain of stores supporting the trucking industry with quality parts, sees a new look for Truckline.
state-of-the-art dealership for Iveco in Brisbane
Workshop Profile

State-of-the-Art Dealership for Iveco in Brisbane

After a couple of years of disruption with two moves in a few years, Iveco in Brisbane has found a …