‘heat guns’ boost workshop efficiency
Braking, Braking Maintenance

‘Heat Guns’ Boost Workshop Efficiency 

The wider availability and increasing affordability of non-contact, infra-red (IR) heat measurement technology, means ‘heat guns’ boost workshop efficiency by …
set some aggressive emissions targets
Electric Power, Trucks

Set Some Aggressive Emissions Targets

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, tells that the UK government has set some aggressive emissions targets, with a ban on …
forces at play between elements of a road train

Forces at Play Between Elements of a Road Train 

Measuring the forces at play between elements of a road train uses what is called the D-value, measured in kilonewtons …
stopping tyre fires in trucks
Sensors, Tyre Maintenance

Stopping Tyre Fires in Trucks

The prevalence of wheel end and tyre fires in the statistics tells us this is an issue which should concern …
real world coupling testing program

Real World Coupling Testing Program

Australian Multiple Combinations test truck components to their limits, and a new initiative is setting up a real world coupling …
using the right tool for the job

Using the Right Tool for the Job

There are a number of factors, all of which can have an effect on productivity, efficiency and longevity of the …
is this the cure for the ‘K-Series Back’?

Is This the Cure for the ‘K-Series Back’? 

Paul Matthei speaks with Wickham Freightlines Workshop Manager, Steve Lord, about a technical solution the company has developed to significantly …
Zero Maintenance Damping Suspensions servicing
Air Suspension, Suspension

Zero Maintenance Damping Suspension Servicing

It is important to understand how Zero Maintenance Damping Suspensions servicing works and how to conduct a service inspection, like …
OH&S Mitigation and Telematic Technology
fatigue technology, Fleet Management, Telematics

OH&S Mitigation and Telematic Technology- Solutions for Proof of Compliance and Reduced Liability

OH&S Engineering Control Technologies can mitigate or eliminate associated workplace injuries and fatalities and technical solutions for compliance and reduced …
looking overseas to recruit truck technicians
Hino, Workshop Personnel

Looking Overseas to Recruit Truck Technicians

As part of its long-term strategic plan to address the national shortage of skilled heavy vehicle mechanics Hino Australia has …
going to higher power systems
Electric Power

Going to Higher Power Systems

Looking at medium and heavy duty electric trucks, the batteries on the trucks get bigger and the operator has to …
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