wheel bearing inspection vital
Wheel Ends

Wheel Bearing Inspection Vital

Wheel bearings are the link between the wheels and the trailer, making regular wheel bearing inspection vital. Thorough cleaning and …
get with the program and use EBS properly
Braking, EBS, Electronics

Get With The Program and Use EBS Properly

Heavy duty braking specialist, Shane Prendergast, sees braking problems every day in his job and he just wants everyone to …
security problems with data

Security Problems With Data

If you want to open a can of worms, then the best thing to do is ask a question about …
ensure the ideal clutch setup

Ensure The Ideal Clutch Setup

The following procedure outlines what adjustments and clearances must be set to ensure the ideal clutch setup, longevity, and avoid …
fuel tax credits the easy way
Fuel, Industry Issues

Smaller Operators Can Now Save Time and Money

According to an announcement by the Australian Tax Office, smaller operators can now save time and money and calculate fuel …
why hydrogen and why Australia?
Electric Power, Hyundai

Why Hydrogen, and Why Australia?

PowerTorque had the opportunity to sit in on a global discussion, hosted by Hyundai, with about 20 technical journalists and …
deliver a better way to trade

Deliver a Better Way to Trade

For more than 40 years, Capricorn has been working with repairers and auto suppliers to deliver a better way to …
a perfect storm for businesses

A Perfect Storm For Businesses

In clear evidence during last year’s pandemic, demand for last-mile delivery services and economical local and national transport, whether it …
fastener thread damage and galling

Fastener Thread Damage and Galling

This week Tech Know is looking the topic of fastener thread damage and galling, which is a problem that can …
will there be singing trucks?
Electric Power, Featured, Video

Will There Be Singing Trucks?

After watching this video of an electric van delivering for Amazon in the US, the question has to be, will …
the Geotab platform
Fleet Management, Telematics

The Geotab Platform

It is a new name in the Australian telematics market but, in fact, the Geotab platform has been around for …