a pioneer in A-double operation
Telematics, Tyres

A Pioneer in A-double Operation

The transport of bulk goods from rural areas to the ports has been revolutionised since the adoption of high productivity …
providing a mobile charging service
Electric Power

Providing a Mobile Charging Service

There is at least one operation which is out there actually providing a mobile charging service by the side of …
keep your fifth wheel in peak condition

Keep Your Fifth Wheel in Peak Condition

It is sometimes assumed that the fifth wheel is a ‘set and forget’ component, but in actual fact it should …
what do new European rules mean for the Australian transport industry?
Tyre Pressure

What Do New EU Tyre Rules Mean for the Australian Transport Industry?

European Union Regulation 141 has been introduced mandating tyre monitoring system on all vehicle, but what do new EU tyre …
steerable lift-axle suspension

Steerable Lift-axle Suspension

The Hendrickson COMPOSILITE steerable lift-axle suspension system is engineered for enhanced durability and performance.
a new brand of electric trucks being built
Electric Power, Trucks

A New Brand of Electric Trucks Being Built 

Tevva is a new brand of electric trucks being built in the UK in an assembly plant to the the …
test truck components to their limits

Test Truck Components to Their Limits

Australian Multiple Combinations test truck components to their limits, and a new initiative is setting up a real world coupling …
five things you need to know about fifth wheels

Five Things You Need to Know About Fifth Wheels

Safety, stability, improved turning radius and ease of coupling and uncoupling are among the many benefits of a truck’s fifth …
getting ready for electrification
Electric Power

Getting Ready for Truck Electrification

The trucking industry will, over the next few years, have to begin making plans about alternative power system and start …
some not so smart compliance requirements
Braking, EBS, ESC

Some Not-So-Smart Compliance Requirements

For the trucking industry, adopting technology to be smarter involves some smart trucks, smart braking systems, telematics, alongside some, seemingly, …
the truck cabin remains one of the most dangerous workplaces
Electronics, EWD, fatigue technology, Telematics

The Truck Cabin Remains One of the Most Dangerous Workplaces

In 2021, the truck driver death toll doubled, with 50 drivers dying behind the wheel on our roads, the truck …
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