OH&S Mitigation and Telematic Technology
fatigue technology, Fleet Management, Telematics

OH&S Mitigation and Telematic Technology- Solutions for Proof of Compliance and Reduced Liability

OH&S Engineering Control Technologies can mitigate or eliminate associated workplace injuries and fatalities and technical solutions for compliance and reduced …
looking overseas to recruit truck technicians
Hino, Workshop Personnel

Looking Overseas to Recruit Truck Technicians

As part of its long-term strategic plan to address the national shortage of skilled heavy vehicle mechanics Hino Australia has …
going to higher power systems
Electric Power

Going to Higher Power Systems

Looking at medium and heavy duty electric trucks, the batteries on the trucks get bigger and the operator has to …
Real World Coupling Testing Program
Couplings, issuu

Real World Coupling Testing Program

Making sure operators use a coupling which is up to the job on multiple combinations is vital and this real world …
AC/DC charging for trucks
Electric Power

AC/DC Charging for Trucks

Truck operators in the future are going to have to look at their truck charging infrastructure and work out what …
another new electric truck brand goes into production
Electric Power, Trucks

Another New Electric Truck Brand Goes Into Production

New UK truck factories are as rare as hen teeth, but PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, was pleased to visit …
electric truck charging FAQs
Electric Power

Electric Truck Charging FAQs

Many trucking operators know that in years to come they will need to be setting up a charging station for …
looking for efficiencies

Looking for Efficiencies

A fleet like Hi-Trans Express is always going to be looking for efficiencies, but is also committed to operating a …
complex maintenance requirements

Complex Maintenance Requirements

Choosing reliable equipment is key to operating an efficient fleet, but frequent breakdowns or complex maintenance requirements keep vehicles off …
adaptation and development

Adaptation and Development

Over the past 12 years Hi-Trans has gone through a process of adaptation and development the system to work precisely …
Cummins looks forward into the future
Drivetrain, Engines

Cummins Looks Forward Into the Future

Mike Fowler, Cummins Director and General Manager On Highway Asia Pacific, as Cummins looks forward into the future, talks to …
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