Cummins moving into the the electric battery space
Battery, Cummins

Cummins Moving Into the Electric Battery Space

In preparation for the move by the truck industry across from fossil fuel power to alternative power sources, a new …
thermal efficiency for refrigerated trucks

Thermal Efficiency For Refrigerated Trucks

Greg Brown, MaxiPARTS and Bob Woodward, Australian Trucking Association talk about thermal efficiency for refrigerated trucks.
a fourth-generation company
Electronics, Fleet Management, Operators, Telematics

A Fourth-Generation Company

Beginning with a single horse and carriage over 120 years ago, Stows Waste Management has grown into a fourth-generation company …
leap forward in autonomous truck technology
Electronics, Sensors

Leap Forward in Autonomous Truck Technology

Valeo, the global leader in driving assistance systems (ADAS), has unveiled its third generation scanning LiDAR system which will enable …
polarising the business landscape

Polarising the Business Landscape

It would seem that the Covid pandemic has had the effect of polarising the business landscape in Australia of late. …
if you want to break a truck
Drivetrain, Fuel

If You Want to Break a Truck

There’s a saying among the truck makers that if you want to break a truck, you send it to Australia. …
testing electric truck range
Battery, Electric Power, Renault

Testing Electric Truck Range

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, attempts to get into the record books while testing electric truck range at the same …
running electric trucks and keeping them charged
Electric Power, Electrical

Running Electric Trucks and Keeping Them Charged

With all of the hype around the development of electric trucks becoming the norm in the future, the method of …
pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems

Pioneer of Digital Camera ‘Mirror’ Systems

In the US, where rear-facing cameras located high on each side of the cab display images on tall monitors located …
convergence in the workshop
Diagnostics, Diesel Workshop, Electronics

Convergence in the Workshop

A new paperless Workshop Information Online innovation is helping to speed up servicing and repairs, increasing convergence in the workshop.
the next stage of the development of AMT for Eaton

The Next Stage of the Development of AMT for Eaton

The introduction of the Endurant XD transmission marks the beginning of the next stage of the development of AMT for …