Teaching Grandma to Suck Eggs

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For some of the older and more experienced members of the trucking community, like myself, these videos may be seen as a bit like teaching grandma to suck eggs, but there is a drastic lack of knowledge out there.

These videos are very simplistic and just cover the basics, but isn’t that what we need to do when teaching skills? Keep it simple, stupid, the KISS principle. Lay out some of the basic principles behind load restraint and make sure they hit home.

This is an initiative from Parkes Shire Council in New South Wales, a major transport hub and dependant on the trucking industry to keep its economic growth going forward. It has identified a need and done something about it, within its own capacity to get the message out there to those who need the information.

The fact of the matter it is possible for a truck driver to be employed as such, purely because they hold the appropriate license. There may be no experience or skills training in their background and they could rock up to a loading bay with little idea of how to secure the load properly.

Often experienced hands will see other vehicles out on the highway where the load could be restrained so much more safely. Sometimes, they may call it out, but often they just stay out of the way.

Many in the industry are talking about a skills crisis already, and it is not something which can be solved overnight. Even with an effective apprenticeship system for those working in the industry it will take quite a few years before those given the right training will trickle through into the industry as a whole.

One thing I did notice about the video. The Load Restraint Guide they were using seemed surprisingly clean and in top condition. It didn’t look like something these people actually get out and check when they are securing a load?

teaching grandma to suck eggs

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