TCA and SCL win environment award

Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA) and Scott Corporation Limited (SCL) have been jointly awarded the prestigious 2012 Leadership in Logistics Operations Environment Award from the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA).

According to LAA, this award recognises innovation, continuous improvement and participation by an individual or company in the logistics and supply chain operations environment, encompassing sustainability.

“TCA is pleased to be recognised for its contribution in assisting innovative and forward looking transport companies like SCL to achieve productivity, safety and environmental benefits through the Intelligent Access Program (IAP),” Chris Koniditsiotis, chief executive of TCA commented. “Through the IAP, SCL has been able to provide regulators with the assurance required to enable access for more productive and environmentally friendly Higher Mass Limits (HML) vehicles.”

It was a sentiment echoed by Mark Wintle, national safety, health, environment and compliance manager at SCL.

“The IAP has helped deliver benefits for SCL, the environment and its customers,” Wintle said. “The benefits enabled by the IAP are far reaching, and the environmental outcomes we have achieved also contribute favourably to our commercial operations.

“SCL has always been quick to embrace innovation. Since enrolling in the IAP in 2009, we have never looked back. From a commercial and social responsibility perspective, it has been one of the best decisions we have made,” Mark enthused. “Access to the HML network has allowed SCL to carry approximately 2.5 tonnes more per load. Based on 14,000 loads per month, SCL achieve an additional payload of 420,000 tonnes per year. That is a saving of around 12,500 truck movements a year meaning two to three fewer trucks are needed for the operation.

“An additional payload of 420,000 tonnes per year easily covers the cost of being in the IAP. Across the fleet of 40 vehicles in the Bulktrans Division, the cost of TCA Type-Approved IVUs (in-vehicle units) was around $100,000 with an annual operating cost of around $70,000 for the fleet. Therefore, even if SCL was only earning one dollar per additional tonne, we would be financially way ahead under the IAP.”

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