Taking the Isuzu Range Onwards and Upwards

taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards

After 30 years as number one supplier of trucks in Australia, Isuzu know a thing or two about developing and selling trucks and the latest launch is taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards. The company’s offering keeps on changing and moving forward, never resting on its laurels, Diesel News checks out the latest batch of newbies.

When you look at the Isuzu truck range, it is not obvious as to why the brand has been market leader for 30 years. In many ways, it is not the trucks which have achieved this milestone, it is the organisation behind them, with its capacity to keep constantly developing and adapting trucks and the specifications to best suit the Australian truck buyer.

This means that the range is constantly evolving, with new ideas coming down the pipeline to be released over the next few years. Diesel took the opportunity to test drive a number of the new options and models which have come on stream this year. It is an opportunity to see how Isuzu are travelling and and test out the latest specifications and technology.

Coincidentally, Isuzu recently commissioned research by an independent strategy consultancy, to demonstrate the Japanese truck maker’s place as the most preferred and trusted truck brand in Australia. The independent market research surveyed over 800 truck owners and decision-makers living in regional and metropolitan areas. Those people surveyed were spread across multiple vocations, from construction and logistics, through to the retail trade and hospitality industries.

The research saw Isuzu Trucks rank highest amongst respondents (at 47 per cent) when asked to name a truck brand that they ‘trust’. Additionally, 19 per cent of all respondents marked Isuzu as their favourite truck brand, more than double the next highest ranked brand. Isuzu also ranked highest in several other brand association categories, including reliability, value for money, customisation to business needs and product range. 


taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards

Isuzu Range Onwards and Upwards, Expanding in the Waste Industry

Unfortunately, one of the innovations introduced by Isuzu this year, expected to be taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards, was not available for a test drive. However, the company did have one of the new dual control trucks on display in the HQ showroom. This is a model specifically for Australia and developed from the FSR 140 260 4×2 Dual Control model, which has been on sale for a few years. 

The decision to expand the dual control range comes as the Iveco Acco, as we formerly knew it, ceases production. The X-Way based replacement Acco has yet to gain acceptance in the waste industry and truck makers like Isuzu are preparing the ground to fill a hole in the market which seems to be appearing.

The new 16.5 tonne and 24 tonne GVM dual control models include the FVY with the correct wheelbase length for a side loader body and Hendrickson airbag rear suspension, with its tare weight advantages. The new FVZ dual control uses Isuzu’s six-rod and trunnion taper leaf rear suspension.

The Dual Control models are fitted with Meritor axles, FVZ and FVY using the MT44-144 rear axle tandem set with driver-controlled inter-axle lock and cross-locks on both axles. Brakes are Meritor Q-Plus dual circuit full air ‘S-cam’ front and rear brakes with auto slack adjusters and ABS as standard.


taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to bring additional factory dual control solutions to market,” says Les Spaltman, Isuzu National Sales Manager. “Many would be aware of the discontinuation of some of the more traditional, go-to truck models in this sector. In response, we have a highly competitive, low tare weight solution on offer, one which ticks some key boxes for Australian operators.” 

The new models are a combination of what can be built out of Japan and then modified and added to, here in Australia, as the rest of the dual control system and then the compactor bodies are fitted. According to Isuzu the specifications closely match the strict requirements of the Australian garbage industry, coming in at a very competitive tare weight as well.


taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards