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FAT388 | The PETERBILT 388 of B & R Stevens Transport | CUSTOM & CLASSIC

 TRANS FAT, Powder Pony Warren Caves discusses the perils (and rewards) of shopping. Images by Torque it Up. You know those times when you go out shopping for an item and bring home something completely different? I usually go out for a loaf of bread and come home with a 57-piece socket set, a six-pack of undies and a slab ...

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The Incredible Hulk

Truckworks of Adelaide introduces its new Kenworth K200 10×4 The company’s latest million-dollar acquisition is based on a Kenworth K200 twin-steer 10×4 rigid with bogie-drive and a third “lazy” axle installation. This massive unit then forms the foundation for a 75-tonne rated 1075S Rotator recovery unit from North American manufacturer Century. FacebookemailPrintTumblrTwitterLinkedin

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Peterbilt Addiction

John Palmer achieved a lifetime ambition when he took delivery of his Peterbilt 388 Short Bonnet – Dave Whyte reports In the eighties, it was not uncommon to see Peterbilt trucks working on Australian roads. In fact, there are still a few examples of the older models running around today, as PowerTorque’s feature on Bulldog Transport describes in this issue. ...

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