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Going Corporate | COMPANY PROFILE -Turps Tippers

Warren Caves joins Turps Tippers to talk about company growth and branding When you are out on the road you get to see different companies doing their thing and soon become accustomed to seeing the familiar names as you cross paths on a regular basis. Sometimes there seems to be really rapid fleet growth over a short timeframe, as almost ...

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Slim Pickings | TRUCK REVIEW

Improving aerodynamics can enable a truck and trailer combination to slide through the air rather than hit it head-on. Brenton O’Connor drives Volvo’s latest super-slippery FH – Images by Torque it Up Photography. Someone once said to me, when it comes to operating efficiently in the transport game, it’s not what you make, but what you save. Obviously in many ...

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The express parcels business imposes its own demands on customer service – Words by Brenton O’Connor.  The core business for Queensland-based Followmont Transport is founded upon the express parcel service, with the aim to service every town in its network every day. Now in its second generation, the company is currently directed by Mark Tobin, whose father started the business ...

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