In and Around the Back Roads

In and Around the Back Roads

On the test run PowerTorque took the Fuso Shogun 510 in and around the back roads of the Gold Coast and up on to the top of Tamborine Mountain, on difficult winding roads to see how the truck goes in a typical environment for this kind of truck.
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a combination of engine brake and retarder

A Combination of Engine Brake and Retarder

One of Scania’s strong suits is the retardation available, the design still uses a combination of engine brake and retarder. This does prove effective, when in cruise control at 100 km/h heading south down the Hume Highway, on a recent road test with a R770 prime mover and fully loaded B-double set, in the constant ascent and descent countryside there are minimal occasions when the service brakes needed to be used. 
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excellent driving environment

Excellent Driving Environment

The feeling inside the cabin is always relaxed and quiet. This road test saw PowerTorque taking a full loaded B-double from Sydney to Melbourne pulled by a Scania R770 extended cab prime mover.
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very different beast to its predecessors

Very Different Beast to its Predecessors

The Iveco S-Way is definitely a very different beast to its predecessors, but that only becomes clear when you are out on the road with the B-double in tow. Although the basic truck looks quite familiar, this really is a new design and a new truck. The basic driveline is very similar to the one on offer in the X-Way before it, but the rest of it is a revelation.
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is bigger necessarily better?

Is Bigger Necessarily Better?

Taking the latest Scania out for a test with top horsepower and the extended cabin, the question PowerTorque is asking is, is bigger necessarily better? The answer is a bit more complicated than you would think.
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bringing Iveco up to date

Bringing Iveco Up To Date

The new S-Way is hoped to be the model which will bring back the Iveco brand, after test driving the model, Tim Giles reckons it is bringing Iveco up to date. The next question is, will it save the brand
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typical urban delivery test route

Typical Urban Delivery Test Route

The objective of this truck test was a simple one. PowerTorque would drive a hybrid electric Hino 300 Series around a typical urban delivery test route in Sydney followed by an identical truck powered only by diesel. Measuring the amount of diesel burnt over the journey for both trucks would give the amount of difference in overall fuel consumption and also the reduction of CO2 going into the atmosphere.
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around our cities in a Foton

Around Our Cities in a Foton 

A recent test drive was an opportunity to see how much credibility the Foton will have for the electric truck buyer and what the experience might be for the drivers making deliveries around our cities in a Foton electric truck. 
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reduce emissions now

Reduce Emissions Now

There is a lot of buzz and speculation going on around zero emissions vehicles, but you can make a start on the process and reduce emissions now by using a hybrid electric truck. PowerTorque took to the road to quantify just how much it is possible to save.
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genuine B-double prime mover

Genuine B-double Prime Mover

With the specification of the Freightliner Cascadia 126 36, the brand have brought a truck which is a genuine B-double prime mover with no compromises involved. Tim Giles takes one for a spin to see how it performs. 
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