the centre of gravity is moving constantly

The Centre of Gravity is Moving Constantly

The issue in all tanker trailers is that the centre of gravity is moving constantly in the barrels and that does have a detrimental effect on stability. Experienced drivers learn though experience just how to handle the three trailer and any movement or sway which eventuates.
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an interesting multi-combination truck

An Interesting Multi-Combination Truck

Somewhere in Sweden can be found a couple a road trains which can be compared to some of the outfits on the roads of Australia, and for our operators and engineers this could be an interesting multi-combination truck concept.
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is it a triple quad or a quad triple

Is it a Triple Quad or a Quad Triple?

When you first see this combination of the road, the question is, is it a triple quad or a quad triple? In fact it’s a quad axle triple road train running for the Emerald Carrying Company and Tim Giles checks it out.
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Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

Pulling Quad or Triple Side Tippers

One of the areas into which Karratha Earthmoving has diversified over the years is into the haulage of materials for the resources companies. The biggest Volvos in the fleet are rated to pull 175 tonnes
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