Supertruckers in the UK

Supertruckers in the UK

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, met with TV’s Supertruckers in the UK when he visited the family-run heavy haulier Kings Heavy Haulage, located in Avonmouth, just outside of Bristol in the south west of England. Read more

truck driver competency for the future

Truck Driver Competency for the Future

Improvements in heavy vehicle driver training and licensing systems across Australia, plus nationally improved young truck driver competency for the future is in prospect after an announcement by Austroads this week. A consortium has been appointed to deliver the final stage of the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework review and revision. Read more

able to carry a wide variety of loads

Able to Carry a Wide Variety of Loads

As a single float operator, Mount Gambier based Winterfields Float Hire needs a heavy haulage unit that is sufficiently versatile to be able to carry a wide variety of loads. Diesel spoke with the company’s owner, Matty Winterfield. Read more

getting animal welfare right

Getting Animal Welfare Right

Many initiatives in the last few years have been aimed at getting animal welfare right for the livestock transport industry. Diesel visits a groundbreaking training course which is getting the message out to people working in the livestock business. Read more

a tricky load to handle and secure

A Tricky Load to Handle and Secure

One of the distinct characteristics of owner-drivers and small fleet operators is their ability adapt to a tricky load to handle and secure. They are inventive in responding swiftly to changing conditions, be they market or equipment-based changes, and modify their operations accordingly.  Read more

solid foundation for a tipper and tanker business

Solid Foundation For a Tipper and Tanker Business

Servicing the needs of farmers in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Jamie and Kelly Belfield are building a solid foundation for a tipper and tanker business. Theirs is an operation consisting of two prime movers, a number of steel and aluminium tippers as well as tankers used to cart liquid fertiliser. During the busy periods of sowing and harvest, the company engages up to four subcontractors to manage the workload.  Read more

you can’t take your eye off the ball

You Can’t Take Your Eye Off the Ball

When there is a lot going on, in the middle of a major crisis, the level of effort needed to keep things moving in the right direction gets higher and you can’t take your eye off the ball for a moment.  Read more

keep the highly specialised fleet in order

Keep the Highly Specialised Fleet in Order

Diesel News speaks with Shane Rachow, Supervisor of the Russell Transport’s Heavy Haulage division, to find out what makes this operation tick and how the team keep the highly specialised fleet in order. Read more

a specialised vehicle transportation service

A Specialised Vehicle Transportation Service 

Based in Southern Sydney, Select Tilt Tray Group provides a specialised vehicle transportation service for a number of customers including Toyota industrial equipment. Diesel News’ Paul Matthei looks at a company which depends on a fleet of Hino trucks to ensure the ongoing requirements of hard-won clients are met on time, every time. Read more

just slow down a bit

Emerging From the Covid-19 Crisis Safely

The trucking industry has had to work through the last few months under a lot of pressure caused by this virus emergency, but we should now be looking at how we will go about emerging from the Covid-19 crisis safely. Read more