learning about retardation

Learning About Retardation

One of the methods that truck drivers of the future will be able to alleviate their range anxiety in an electric truck is to use the electric motor to brake the vehicle when decelerating, all future truck drivers will be learning about retardation, but not about the jake brake.
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test driving the Scania electric semi

Test Driving the Scania Electric Semi

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, has braved the severe winter cold and snowy terrain to bring us a story about test driving the Scania electric semi from Northern Norway across to Sweden.
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an interesting multi-combination truck

An Interesting Multi-Combination Truck

Somewhere in Sweden can be found a couple a road trains which can be compared to some of the outfits on the roads of Australia, and for our operators and engineers this could be an interesting multi-combination truck concept.
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a quartet of industry updates

A Quartet of Industry Updates

A prosecution, tyre pressure monitoring, an expansion for Scania and a new braking calculator are all part of a quartet of industry updates this week.
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first drive in the new Scania electric heavy

First Drive in the New Scania Electric Heavy Truck

Our colleagues in the International Truck of the Year Jury had the opportunity to get the first drive in the new Scania electric heavy trucks at the company’s HQ in Södertälje in Sweden and recorded their first impressions for us.
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how the truck dash has changed

How the Truck Dash Has Changed

This video gives us a picture of the dash boards to come in trucks and it also acts as a reminder of how the truck dash has changed over the years. 
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lifetime of lorries, quarries and tips

Lifetime of Lorries, Quarries and Tips

Aiden Kelly is General Manager at North West London-based Kingscote Haulage, and the job he has been enjoying for the last 44 years, is moving muck, living in a ’lifetime of lorries, quarries and tips’ he’s worked on some of the England’s capital city’s biggest civil engineering projects, moved millions of tonnes of muck, and helped to shape the current skyline.
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