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EASY PAY makes it easy to stay with Scania | TRANSPORT NEWS

Scania Australia  is well aware that the current COVID-19 pandemic can cause some operators to struggle with cashflow and has reached out to its retail owner and fleet customer base nationwide to ease the payment burden for service and maintenance schedules. Operators who might be tempted to delay regular servicing, or repairs needed to maintain their fleet in safe working ...

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Downsizing for increased uptime and reduced downtime should produce a good time | Truck Review – Scania

Not that long ago, we talked about downtime being the measurement of the unavailability of a truck for active service. For no apparent reason other than it was thought up by an American in a marketing department somewhere, the description of reducing downtime was switched to increasing uptime, meaning the amount of time the truck was available for active service. ...

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Scania aims to keep older vehicles in their Prime | TRANSPORT NEWS

Scania is reaching out to owners and operators of its older trucks to encourage them to visit a Scania workshop for a special lube service and health check. The new Scania Prime programme aims to reach out to the close to 10,000 Scania trucks on the road aged  five-years-old or older, and which may not be operating under one of ...

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Scania delivers first 50th Anniversary V8 prime movers | TRANSPORT NEWS

The first Scania limited edition 50th Anniversary V8  prime mover has been supplied to  the Matic Group in Perth. W.A with company founder and owner Danny Matic being handed the keys by Scania WA Regional Executive Manager Michael Berti. The 50th Anniversary trucks mark the half century of V8 power for Scania with a limited run of 50 celebratory trucks for Australia. ...

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Record Year for Scania trucks in 2019 | TRANSPORT NEWS

Scania Australia has set a new benchmark for deliveries in 2019, with 1149 heavy-duty trucks placed with customers during the year. In the first full year of availability of the New Truck Generation (NTG), sales accelerated past previous benchmarks while carry-over orders into 2020 indicate robust demand endures for Australia’s safest truck range. The Scania NTG is the only truck ...

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Scania V8 celebrates half a century as the King of the Road | Transport News

Scania in Australia is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the introduction of its V8 engine with a limited edition of 50 commemorative  R 650 V8 6×4 prime movers, all finished in Ghost White paint with gold V8 detailing. Each vehicle will feature a premium leather-lined cab and will available for delivery early in 2020. “Scania is the sole supplier of V8 ...

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