trucking  industry brain drain

Trucking Industry Brain Drain

We need to realise we are suffering from a trucking  industry brain drain as we watch the number of notices about vehicle sales rise, as transport operations close and sell off their assets at extremely high prices.
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steady start to first quarter truck sales

Steady Start to First Quarter Truck Sales

After the record breaking sales figures reported by the Truck industry Council in 2021, there has been a steady start to first quarter truck sales, as reported for March 2022, according to the latest release from the TIC.
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2021 may turn out to be a record year

2021 May Turn Out To Be a Record Year

Judging by the latest truck sales figures published by the Truck Industry Council, 2021 may turn out to be a record year. The latest results released by the truck manufacturers peak body shows strong demand, indicating a healthy economy during the pandemic.
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global truck market during Covid

Global Truck Market During Covid

Looking around the world at the global truck market during Covid can be a little confusing. The situation looks like it will remain unstable for some time to come, as the industry will need trucks as economies recover, but lockdowns will limit all activities, including truck sales. 
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two new sales bosses for European brands

Two New Sales Bosses for European Brands

Both Iveco and Volvo have announced the appointment of a new person to head truck sales of their respective brands. There’s two new sales bosses for European brands, a new General Manager Sales at Iveco and a new Vice President Sales at Volvo.
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The Future of Truck Ownership

New ways of looking at the future of truck ownership see the relationship between truck maker and truck user changing dramatically. New ideas are being investigated in Europe, Diesel News talks to Scania’s global sales and marketing boss to get his thoughts on the process.
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