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Latest from JOST and ROCKINGER showcased at the Brisbane Truck Show| Transport News

With a focus on towing technology,  JOST Australia put together a slew of impressive displays at the recent Brisbane Truck show, including the acclaimed ROCKINGER brand of towing hitches, the new series of JOST EverShine Alloy Wheels and also the JSK37CXW heavy duty fifth wheel. Of the products on display, the updated RO*500 towing hitch was an audience favourite. Over ...

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JOST Australia to ROCKINGER the Brisbane Truck Show | TRANSPORT NEWS

At the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show, which is set to kick off on the 16 th of May, JOST Australia will exhibit the latest in towing hitch technology with a wide range of ROCKINGER brand towing hitches to suit a variety of usages and mounting positions. With a strong focus on maximising safety, ROCKINGER has developed  safety features like the ...

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THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS | Transport News -JOST shows the scope of its range at the IAA Expo

JOST shows the scope of its range at the IAA Expo. The glitz and glamour of the latest trucks on display can produce an exciting and energetic display of enthusiasm on the part of sales staff, eager to explain the finer points of the latest vehicle.  But enthusiasm is not just confined to shiny sheet metal, as PowerTorque discovered when ...

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