The Trucking World in the Twitterverse

The Trucking World in the Twitterverse

In this week’s look at the trucking world in the Twitterverse, we have free cups of coffee and tea fighting fatigue in rural New South Wales, enormous truck cabin interiors in the US and vehicle telematics which fit inside the truck and trailer’s tyres.
Fighting Fatigue one cuppa at a time:

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Eaton and Cummins Getting Closer

This video from the US shows us Eaton and Cummins getting closer as they offer a more integrated driveline to US truck buyers. This particular AMT has just gone on sale in the US and is not destined to appear here for some time.

The gearbox is part of a comprehensive program where Eaton and Cummins are working very closely together to come up with a fully integrated package. The engine and transmission communicate seamlessly with each other and with whichever truck they are fitted into. Read more

Instagram On The Open Road

Instagram On The Open Road

Here’s more Instagram on the open road selections from trucking people around Australia showing the diversity of the trucking industry and some cool photography skills.

Nice sunset, or is it sunrise?

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Those toilet cubicles must be full if you need a tridrive to pull them

Whoops! Accidents will happen.

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The ‘golden hour’ for photography is the first hour after dawn and the last hour before sunset.

Pure Pulling Power

Pure Pulling Power

Diesel News is not quite sure what is going on here, but this Mack is reckoned to be showing “Pure Pulling Power”. Here we have a 1972 Mack Truck, which appears to be performing a wheelie with a load of logs. This Mack has a two stick Spicer 5×4 transmission and a V8 Detroit engine. You don’t have to look at the images, just close the eyes and listen the engine roar.


Here we have something similar, with a heavy haulage unit losing it a bit near the top of the grade as the front wheels leave the ground:


In this example from Sweden, what is going is perhaps a little easier to work out. The load is obviously, heavy and the truck does have pulling power, but there may be a little bit of trickery going on here. The prime mover almost certainly has a sliding turntable, they are very common in Europe. It’s difficult to see any detail on the wheel hubs as they pass by, but it would a good bet the rear axle on the prime mover is a lifting tag. After a bit of practice it would probably be possible to time the pressing of axle lift button to coincide with the power coming in as the accelerator is pressed. Then, hey Presto! A B-double doing wheelies:


this is probably the nearest we can fu=ind to real wheelies in a truck. Theirs is what happens in Canada, where the crazy French Canadians are into drag racing fully loaded B-double trucks. The lifting steer axles are showing us the real thing, ‘Pure Pulling Power’!