fridges popping up all over Australia

Fridges Popping up All Over Australia

Anytime, anywhere on the highways of Australia you will see some easily recognisable fridges popping up all over Australia, those fridges are probably full of bananas and the plain white paintwork has the simple Blenners name on the side. Read more

starting out with a pair of Louisvilles

Starting Out With a Pair of Louisvilles

Over the years a number of brands have populated the Metal Transport Industries fleet with three brothers starting out with a pair of Louisvilles and a pair of Kenworth W-model prime movers. Read more

hauling scrap metal for BHP

Hauling Scrap Metal for BHP

In 1979 brothers Kevin, David and Peter Murada started a trucking business, Metal Transport Industries, hauling scrap metal for BHP at Wollongong. Having started with four trucks, the company has grown and diversified over the years to include heavy haulage and oversize work, Paul Matthei reports. Read more

Kenworth reasserting its dominance

Kenworth Reasserting Its Dominance

The latest truck sales figures for the heavy duty market released this week by the Truck Industry Council, show Kenworth reasserting its dominance after a difficult and uncertain year. After reporting numbers just behind Volvo in heavy duty, Kenworth have come up with a big month to put the Swedish pretender back in its place. Read more

not too difficult to transport

Not Too Difficult to Transport

While to the uninitiated pine posts strapped into bundles might be thought of as being not too difficult to transport, Andrew James says a number of factors conspire to make life difficult for the transporter, including settling of the load during transit, the deteriorating condition of country roads and the fact that the strapping holding the bundles together doesn’t always hold out until the destination is reached. Read more

a tricky load to handle and secure

A Tricky Load to Handle and Secure

One of the distinct characteristics of owner-drivers and small fleet operators is their ability adapt to a tricky load to handle and secure. They are inventive in responding swiftly to changing conditions, be they market or equipment-based changes, and modify their operations accordingly.  Read more

Kenworth fighting back

Kenworth Fighting Back

With the release of the latest Australian truck sales figures by the Truck Industry Council, the heavy duty truck market results show Kenworth fighting back after losing number one status to Volvo earlier in 2020.

Read more

solid foundation for a tipper and tanker business

Solid Foundation For a Tipper and Tanker Business

Servicing the needs of farmers in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Jamie and Kelly Belfield are building a solid foundation for a tipper and tanker business. Theirs is an operation consisting of two prime movers, a number of steel and aluminium tippers as well as tankers used to cart liquid fertiliser. During the busy periods of sowing and harvest, the company engages up to four subcontractors to manage the workload.  Read more

is it just more hydrogen hype?

Is it Just More Hydrogen Hype?

Is there a new zero emission truck fuel waiting in the wings or is it just more hydrogen hype? At the moment it is difficult to work out exactly where we are at in the development of hydrogen as a realistic substitute for diesel in the long term. Read more