the electric cart before the electric horse

The Electric Cart Before the Electric Horse

In the various announcements recently about moving the trucking industry towards zero carbon emissions, it appears that here in Australia we are still putting the electric cart before the electric horse.
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it's the infrastructure, stupid!

It’s the Infrastructure, Stupid!

A lot of people in the trucking industry are wringing their hands and have concerns about how our industry is going to make that transition across to zero carbon operation over the next 25 or so years, but what they need to realise is, to misquote Bill Clinton, it’s not the trucks, it’s the infrastructure, stupid!  
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Australia is in danger of being left behind

Australia is in Danger of Being Left Behind

A new report which has been brought out by the CSIRO points out that in the next couple of decades, we need to completely and radically change our road transport technology, otherwise, Australia is in danger of being left behind again.
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infrastructure as a tool

Infrastructure as a Tool

It is about time that the trucking industry in Australia started thinking about infrastructure not as an impediment to the operation, but rather to look at infrastructure as a tool. At the same time, the trucking industry needs to convince the road managers to think about infrastructure in a completely different way, as well
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long term effect on productivity

Long Term Effect on Productivity

As the roads of Australia get washed away yet again, one of the after effects of these ongoing disastrous weather events is in the long term effect on productivity for the trucking industry. As an industry we are already facing major hurdles to improved productivity, both legislative and in terms of the skills available in the workforce. 
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productivity, productivity, productivity

Productivity, Productivity, Productivity

This week we have heard a lot about budgetary changes and incentives supposed to improve the lot of the trucking industry, but this still leaves the very large elephant in the room: productivity, productivity, productivity.
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billions in the Budget for infrastructure

Billions in the Budget for Trucking

As Josh Frydenberg stood up to speak to announce this week’s Federal Budget the numbers had already been leaked widely, that there would be billions in the Budget for trucking. The leaks proved to be accurate and the amount builds on funding already in the pipeline.
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