Is the Letter H for Hydrogen or For Hype?

There has been a lot of comment in various parts of the media, but for the trucking industry it can seem difficult to answer the question, is the letter H for hydrogen or for hype? The predicted future development of this alternative power source for trucks can vary dramatically, depending on who you ask.

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hydrogen powered truck innovation

Hydrogen Powered Truck Innovation

The current development program by Hyundai Trucks, in terms of hydrogen powered truck innovation is looking to develop a new fuel cell stack which is capable of producing 200 kW of power, and then fitting two of these in each truck. This produces a final power output of 350 kW of power altogether, which equates to 475 hp. This would be plenty of power for the part of the truck market in which Hyundai currently plays. Read more

why hydrogen and why Australia?

Why Hydrogen, and Why Australia?

PowerTorque had the opportunity to sit in on a global discussion, hosted by Hyundai, with about 20 technical journalists and took the opportunity to ask the question, why hydrogen and why Australia? The management team driving the development of fuel cell technology in Hyundai talked about their plans and answered a wide variety of questions.

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is hydrogen the future of long haul trucking?

Is Hydrogen the Future of Long Haul Trucking?

As the world becomes more interested in low emission electric vehicles, the problems around long distance freight are leading major corporations around the world to ask, is hydrogen the future of long haul trucking? Hyundai reckons it has the answer.

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how long will diesel dominate?

How Long Will Diesel Dominate?

This video is part of a groundswell of media material which has grown in the last year or so, talking about the hopes and plans for using hydrogen as a fuel, something the trucking industry needs to be aware of, because we need to know how long will diesel dominate? How fast will the use of hydrogen ramp up?  Read more

the issue of hydrogen powered trucks

The Issue of Hydrogen Powered Trucks

Truck makers and energy providers have been reluctant for some time around the issue of hydrogen powered trucks. Here is a on report some new innovative Hyundai trucks from Martin Schatzmann, a commentator about the truck industry in Switzerland. Read more

there’s nothing like a crisis

There’s Nothing Like a Crisis

As a number of events happening this week have reminded us, there’s nothing like a crisis, for getting real change moving. Even though 2020 has been a pretty disastrous year on many counts, the impetus this crisis may stimulate for change in many areas, may well turn out to be beneficial to our industry in the long run Read more

how does a hydrogen fuel cell truck work?

How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Work?

After a series of futuristic fuel cell truck launches, the latest launch from Daimler trucks answers a few more questions about exactly how does a hydrogen fuel cell truck work? The launch of the GenH2 truck by the global group coincides with a lot of gossip on business news channels in the US about claims made by fuel cell truck innovator, Nikola. Read more

turning old tyres into hydrogen

Turning Old Tyres Into Hydrogen

Australian tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies, reckons its technology for turning old tyres into hydrogen can commercially and economically turn end-of-life tyres (ELTs) into high value, oil, carbon and steel, plus it can now take the carbon raw material and turn it into hydrogen.

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