Looking After the Old Farts

As the trucking industry heads headlong into the new era of new technology, of zero emissions, and all the other gadgets which come along with the latest in technology, perhaps we should also be looking after the old farts.
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a conduit for cooperation

A Conduit for Cooperation

It is pleasing to see the reaction on the part of several stakeholders in the trucking industry to the passing of the Closing Loopholes bill in parliament recently, it is not the RSRT lite, which we feared, but seems to be a conduit for cooperation.
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ten years after

Ten Years After

When looking back over history in the trucking industry the lines can get a bit blurred as to just how long ago some events were, but this month is ten years after quite a traumatising period for road transport.
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looking back at trucking’s early history

Looking Back at Trucking’s Early History

Here is a chance to take a trip down memory lane, looking back at trucking’s early history with a selection of images from Jim Hurley’s Brown and Hurley museum at Kyogle, these images are a snapshot of the contents, each unit representing a distinct era of equipment sales in the company’s almanac. 
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a trip down memory lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane 

Tucked away in a large purpose-built shed at Brown and Hurley’s Kyogle, NSW headquarters, Paul Matthei takes a trip down memory lane as he is given a guided tour by Jim Hurley.
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two cultures clash

Two Cultures Clash

In the trucking industry there is a lot of talk about how difficult it is to get drivers and how there is a  skilled labour shortage and not much about how, within the industry, two cultures clash.
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taking drastic action

Taking Drastic Action

When the world is against you, it’s time to think about taking drastic action, one of those seminal events, back in 1979, caused the trucking industry of Australia to begin moving into the modern world. Looking back, it is amazing to see how far we have come and how, in some cases, little has changed.
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