in favour of the diesel engine

Speak Out In Favour of the Diesel Engine

Will Shiers, PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, meets up with two UK truck industry experts, who dare to speak out in favour of the diesel engine. It’s safe to say they’re probably not on Greta Thunberg’s Christmas card list… Read More
contrasting the ancient and modern

Contrasting the Ancient and Modern

Two very different trucks to be seen sitting in Campeys of Selby’s yard in North Yorkshire serve as an illustration contrasting the ancient and modern UK trucking industry.
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quest to drive down CO2 emissions

Quest to Drive Down CO2 Emissions

Campeys of Selby in North Yorkshire wanted to go down the gas route in its quest to drive down CO2 emissions and the company’s young boss, Harry Campey told PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers the tale. 
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a switched-on 20-something-year-old

A Switched-on 20-Something-Year-Old

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, meets a switched-on 20-something-year-old British haulier, whose family firm has an amazing past, and an even brighter future.
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port-centric logistics model

Port-Centric Logistics Model

London Gateway, UK’s most automated port, has adopted a port-centric logistics model. This essentially means customers locate at or close to the port, so reducing road kilometres, and saving time and money. 
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expanded at a phenomenal rate

Expanded at a Phenomenal Rate

Since opening 10 years ago, the London Gateway port site has expanded at a phenomenal rate, and according to John Trenchard, Commercial and Supply Chain Director UK, has so far benefitted from $3.78bn of investment. This rate of growth looks set to continue too, he tells me, with a further $1.86bn expected to be invested in the site over the next decade.
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massive Scania deal

Massive Scania Deal

An order by Consortium Purchasing group in the UK will see a large number of trucks delivered to three divisions of the company across the Culina Group, WS Group and A.W. Jenkinson Group, in a massive Scania deal, which dwarfs the kind of number we get excited about in Australia.
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UK’s most automated port

UK’s Most Automated Port

In the last decade $3.78bn has been invested in DP World London Gateway, making it the UK’s most automated port. But what does that mean for drivers? This is the question asked by PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers.
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zero-tailpipe-emission trucks

Zero-Tailpipe-Emission Trucks 

Aiden Kelly, General Manager at North West London-based Kingscote Haulage yet to consider adding any zero-tailpipe-emission trucks to the fleet, but doesn’t rule out battery-electric in the future. But, he says they would need to make sense from both a practical and cost perspective. 
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autonomous trucks first in the US

Autonomous Trucks First in the US

Daimler Truck’s decision to develop autonomous trucks first in the US depends on multiple factors. Firstly, the States have the most branched and extensive motorway network globally, and the speed difference between trucks and cars is not as high as in the European Union.
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