the more things change

The More Things Change

A report which came out this week, seems to show results which reinforce the old adage, the more things change, the more things stay the same.
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major disruptions to business models

Major Disruptions to Business Models

As we head into the New Year and the brave new world 2024 the trucking industry knows that it is facing major disruptions to business models and to the way the business task is handled. As the trucking business develops, it will have to continue living with the rate of change as it moves forward.
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last minute and chaotic

Last Minute and Chaotic

A constant refrain from people in the road transport industry is that there is no clear strategic plan on most of the topics, which concern the development of the trucking industry into the future, planning seems to always be last minute and chaotic.
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Talking About the ‘Messy Middle’

The fact that zero emission technologies are all new, in development and likely to need serious investment to get up and running and mature for our market, means over the next few years we will be talking about the ‘messy middle’ of uncertainty on zero carbon and a long period before the picture clears and the road to low emissions becomes much clearer.
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running a modern road transport system

Running a Modern Road Transport System

We need to get people into the industry who can do the jobs required in running a modern road transport system. Every industry around the world is struggling to find keen, young, motivated competent people to work in their industries. It’s not just the trucking industry’s problem, it’s a global employment problem.
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looking to the future with the X Series

Looking to the Future, with the X Series

While the Penske Trucks operation has brought in a raft of new models this year, it is also looking to the future with the X Series, which is arriving now and, depending on the global shipping situation, increase going forward into 2023.
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we are living in interesting times

We Are Living in Interesting Times

This video shows us Cummins’ view of the future, an attempt to give us an idea of the way the technology will roll out over the next couple of decades, we are living in interesting times. We are on the cusp of some massive changes in the trucking industry and it is a good idea to have a look at some possible future scenarios.
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the start of the technology flow

The Start of the Technology Flow

This week, PowerTorque is travelling in Europe, looking at the start of the technology flow heading for Australia. Attending the IAA exhibition in Hannover is a good opportunity to see the first outing of quite a lot of the technologies which will be on stream and coming down to us over the next 10 years or so.
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a future ready MAN

A Future-Ready MAN

Veteran Italian Truck Journalist and Chairman of the International Truck of the Year Jury, Gianenrico Griffini, asks Alexander Vlaskamp, Global MAN CEO, how the German truck manufacturer is changing to meet today’s and tomorrow’s transport needs to create a future ready MAN.
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