launching the latest Supertruck

Launching the Latest Supertruck

In the USA, Volvo Trucks North America has been launching the latest Supertruck at the American Trucking Association’s 2023 Management Conference and Exhibition this week.
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is bigger necessarily better?

Is Bigger Necessarily Better?

Taking the latest Scania out for a test with top horsepower and the extended cabin, the question PowerTorque is asking is, is bigger necessarily better? The answer is a bit more complicated than you would think.
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Check Their Fuel Saving Credentials

A Scania 460P Super pulling a single trailer and a Scania 560R Super pulling a fully loaded B-double set were tested by PowerTorque in order to check their fuel saving credentials. 
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The return of the Super

The Return of the Super

The return of the Super name is a logical choice for Scania, it has been used historically by the brand when new engines were introduced and was often written somewhere on the front of the truck, in the past. The 13 litre engine in the two Scania Super trucks tested is an all-new engine for Scania. This test drive included  the 460hp version and the 560hp version, which taking the 13 litre into unknown territory.
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looking for fuel savings

Looking for Fuel Savings 

In recent years the number of trucking operators looking for fuel savings has multiplied and truck manufacturers have come to the party with new offerings which take fuel consumption down to levels never seen before. Scania have entered the market with the Super models and Tim Giles took a couple of examples out on the road to see how the magic happens. Read More
first photos of the K220 interior

First Photos of the K220 Interior

As with any truck launch, which the whole of the trucking industry is hanging out for, early peeps at what the truck looks like is always welcome, hence here are the first photos of the K220 interior, published on Facebook.
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searching for even more fuel economy

Searching For Even More Fuel Economy

In the early days of the development of the new DAF XG and XF models, and searching for even more fuel economy, they built a working prototype of a truck with a protruding nose, which wouldn’t have looked out of place on the front of a Japanese Bullet train. Read More
wheel alignment benefits

Wheel Alignment Benefits

The cost of tyres and fuel are two major operating costs for a business, wheel alignment benefits help operators to avoid costly and in some cases unnecessary replacements due to incorrect wheel alignment.
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using variable torque to save fuel

Using Variable Torque to Save Fuel

The latest global release from Volvo sees the Swedish truck maker using variable torque to save fuel. Volvo says it is introducing new functions that help drivers save fuel even when cruise control is not activated. The company claims the launch of upgraded D13 diesel engines, together with the new software, enables fuel savings of up to three per cent. 
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