this time Scania goes electric

This Time Scania Goes Electric

Every truck manufacturer in the world has to have an alt-power truck, some examples are starting to arrive in Australia and this time Scania goes electric and PowerTorque gets a chance to take the truck out for a test drive.
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Volvo FM Electric 4x2 prime mover

Volvo FM Electric 4×2 Prime Mover 

Volvo Trucks have been loaning the UK’s leading pub company and brewer Greene King a Volvo FM Electric 4×2 prime mover and PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers made a trip to the east of England to see what they thought of it.
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Cummins rebrand for zero emissions

Cummins Rebrand For Zero Emissions

The launch of the Accelera brand this week sees a Cummins rebrand for zero emissions technology. Accelera will be the name under which Cummins’ diverse portfolio of zero-emissions solutions will be presented.
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ideal brewery workhorse

Ideal Electric Brewery Workhorse

Having spent a day delivering Greene King beer, PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers reckons battery-powered trucks might be the ideal brewery workhorse.
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investigating electric power

Investigating Electric Power

“When we have discussions with customers who are investigating electric power, we can do range simulations, even prior to them even thinking about electric,” says Paul Ilmer, Vice President Emerging Technology Business development at Volvo. “To help a customer make a decision whether electric is for them now or later, they can do it virtually, which takes all the risk away.”
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five pieces of good news

Five Pieces of Good News

Ranging from electric trucks to toll reductions, changing rules, a fatigue initiative and excellence awarded, there are five pieces of good news this week.
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a magnificent seven of stories

A Magnificent Seven of Stories

This week’s news includes a story of electric, gas and diesel power, two advances for women and the return of the Tribunal, in a magnificent seven of stories.
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