first OEM electric truck launched by Fuso

First OEM Electric Truck Launched by Fuso

With the launch this week of the all-electric eCanter in Australia we have seen the first OEM electric truck launched by Fuso. On sale now, the eCanter is the first original equipment manufacturer all-electric truck available on the Australian market. Read more

change is going to come

Change is Going to Come

There is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment about how future trucks are going to be powered, but there is one thing we can be sure of, change is going to come. If it does we need to be as ready as possible, staying informed and keeping up with the game. Read more

first production of electric trucks

First Production of Electric Trucks

Melbourne based company SEA Electric has commenced the first production of electric trucks at commercial volume levels in Australia, with the first of the vehicles currently on the SEA Electric production line in Melbourne. Read more

will there be singing trucks?

Will There Be Singing Trucks?

After watching this video of an electric van delivering for Amazon in the US, the question has to be, will there be singing trucks? The vehicles function so quietly, they will have to make some sort of sound to warn others of their approach, so why not have them produce something musical? Read more

Linfox’s electric truck

Linfox’s Electric Truck

The first Volvo FL Electric in Australia will be fitted with an eight-pallet body and tailgate lift and will be Linfox’s electric truck, evaluated while undertaking metropolitan deliveries within BevChain, the road transport operation’s beverage logistics business.  Read more

100 per cent electric tipper

100 per cent Electric Tipper

The ACT Government has launched its first 100 per cent electric tipper truck, as part of its commitment to a zero emissions fleet by mid-2030. The ACT Government will use the electric truck for cleaning and maintenance tasks around the territory. Read more

picking the wrong target

Picking the wrong target

Yet again, people from outside the trucking industry looking in have decided that the trucking industry needs to pay more to use Australia’s roads, but, in fact, they are picking the wrong target, if they want to improve the situation on our roads, and with our climate. Read more

Hino and Traton electric power deal

Hino and Traton Electric Power Deal

A joint venture agreement for e-mobility products has been signed this week as part of a Hino and Traton electric power deal. The new JV will drive sustainable transport, based on the strategic partnership started in 2018. Read more

when will axles be electric?

When Will Axles Be Electric?

Truck development is moving forward fast and it looks as if the trucks of the future will use electric power to transmit energy into the drive train, it’s just a matter of time, so when will axles be electric?  Read more

What is Hino’s Project Z?

This week in the USA, a new project was unveiled, but what is Hino’s Project Z? The US arm of Hino Trucks announced its development path to zero emissions vehicles (ZEV), including a system sourced from Australia, from SEA Electric, a Melbourne based electric truck maker.  Read more