electric trucks are inevitable

Electric Trucks are Inevitable 

There is no need to keep your head in the sand, the fact of the matter is electric trucks are inevitable, around the world, and here in Australia. If they are inevitably going to become part of our lives then we need to understand them and work out how they can be used in the future Australian trucking industry. Read more

driving the SEA Electric truck

Driving the SEA Electric Truck

As alternative power systems for trucks come into play the driving experience is going to change, so PowerTorque took a couple of examples out on the road to find out what it is like driving the SEA Electric truck. Read more

smooth sophistication from an electric truck

Smooth Sophistication From an Electric Truck

The driving experience is not something people normally expect from a truck test drive, but it is possible to get smooth sophistication from an electric truck, reckons Tim Giles after driving the Fuso eCanter. Read more

electrification of the Australia Post fleet grows

Electrification of the Australia Post Fleet Grows

With the first arrivals hitting the road in October the electrification of the Australia Post fleet grows. Currently, Australia Post is the largest operator of electric vehicles in Australia, with a fleet of more than 3000 electric vehicles currently in use.  Read more

the transition across to battery electric

The Transition Across to Battery Electric

SEA Electric, who have been at the leading edge of the transition across to battery electric, and have created a great deal of interest across the Pacific in the USA, where the whole subject of electric powertrains is much more advanced than here in Australia. Read more

electric trucks outside the box

Electric Trucks Outside the Box

To enable a future transition to electric it is vital that we look beyond existing truck architecture and come up with new concepts by starting to think about electric trucks outside the box. Read more