electric DAFs for hauling containers

Electric DAFs for Hauling Containers

A container hinterland logistics network, Contargo is currently in operation in Germany using electric DAFs for hauling containers. These fully electric field test vehicles collect and deliver containers at the inland Port of Duisburg in Germany. 
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electric truck solution for Ikea

Electric Truck Solution for Ikea

Queensland transport operator, All Purpose Transport, is now offering an electric truck solution for Ikea and its other customers, with the introduction of an electric delivery vehicle into the fleet. 
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electric trucks in production

Electric Trucks in Production

In Europe MAN are one of the first truck manufacturers to put electric trucks in production with a small run of the MAN TGM 26.360 E LL distribution truck being built at the MAN plant in Steyr, Austria. 
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electric trucks are spreading further across Europe

Electric Trucks are the Future 

We can be in no doubt that electric trucks are the future and it’s simply a matter of how long until electric power predominates. The amount of investment by all of the major manufacturers in electric power technology is running at a rate which tells us they all believe in an electric future.
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development of fuel cell/electric powertrains for trucks

Development of Fuel Cell/Electric Powertrains for Trucks

A couple of recent announcements will see a concentration on the development of fuel cell/electric powertrains for trucks by Hyundai and Cummins. Hyundai has entered into a joint venture to promote a green hydrogen ecosystem in European countries into the future. The Korean company has also recently announced a deal with engine-maker Cummins to combine Hyundai fuel cell technology with the electric powertrain Cummins is developing.
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Australian electric power technology in a production facility in the US

Australian Electric Technology in the US

The announcement that Ford are building a 100 per cent electric van using Australian electric technology in the US at the company’s Detroit Chassis Plant, is a major step forward for, Australian electric power specialists, SEA Electric.
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major Daimler Trucks deal with Cummins is announced

eActros is in Operation at Logistics Company

A battery electric Mercedes-Benz eActros is in operation at logistics company Logistik Schmitt, located near Rastatt in southern Germany. Practical testing of the all-electric truck has been carried out in the region over the course of several years now and, as part of this, comparative drives with the eWayBW catenary project are also planned to take place in the Murg valley and surrounding areas. 
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the big boys get involved in electric trucks

The Big Boys Get Involved in Electric Trucks

The recently announced collaboration between Samsung and Volvo Trucks see the big boys get involved in electric trucks technology. This move adds to the momentum of the development of electric trucks and suggests they will be with us sooner than you think.
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electric truck hits Australian streets

Electric Truck Hits Australian Streets

WM Waste Management Services’ new electric truck hits Australian streets this week, with the City of Casey the first local council in Victoria to put 100 per cent electric hard waste collection trucks into its rubbish collection service.  Read More