major disruptions to business models

Major Disruptions to Business Models

As we head into the New Year and the brave new world 2024 the trucking industry knows that it is facing major disruptions to business models and to the way the business task is handled. As the trucking business develops, it will have to continue living with the rate of change as it moves forward.
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major changes needed

Major changes needed 

Looking at what else is in this week’s Diesel News, it would seem that there are major changes needed in the trucking industry and road transport and the government need to be ready to introduce changes in order to meet the challenges of the ever-growing freight task which faces us.
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Future Proofing Trucking

Future-Proofing Trucking

The rate of change in the trucking industry looks to be increasing, and trucking operators need to be prepared for the brave new world of trucking we are likely to be living in, it needs to be future proofing
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Passing the Buck

In the past, the chain of responsibility (CoR) has been seen as a way for big operators to pass the buck. Now, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is trying to get information out about next year’s changes to CoR legislation to each component in the chain, including drivers, owner-drivers and small operators subcontracting to the bigger operators. In the first of a two-part guide, Diesel News went along to a session to find out more.
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massive rise in demand for transport services

Sourcing New Trucks

PowerTorque asked an industry expert, Olen Hunter from Paclease, to talk to us about what truck operators need to think about when considering sourcing new trucks and trailers.
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An Older Set of Values

Once you get away from the Eastern Seaboard, the nature of the trucking industry changes – there’s a return to an older set of values. Yes, there are still line-haul and supermarket delivery trucks out here, but the world is dominated by livestock and bulk tippers. This is the core of trucking away from the cities, carting whatever the farm produces to the point where it is to be sold, stored or processed.
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Remain Vigilant

Less Change, To Get More Change

Listening to our Federal Minister, Darren Chester, when he departed from his prepared script, talking to the ALC Forum dinner guests in Melbourne, he made a point about needing less change, to get more
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