it's the infrastructure, stupid!

It’s the Infrastructure, Stupid!

A lot of people in the trucking industry are wringing their hands and have concerns about how our industry is going to make that transition across to zero carbon operation over the next 25 or so years, but what they need to realise is, to misquote Bill Clinton, it’s not the trucks, it’s the infrastructure, stupid!  
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How Does Hydrogen Actually Work?

This is a beautifully shot video about a hydrogen truck made by Volvo in the Arctic, but begs the question, how does hydrogen actually work? Like all of these new zero carbon technologies which
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a window of opportunity

A Window of Opportunity

There are big changes ahead for the trucking industry and the old Boy Scout motto of ‘Be Prepared’ should apply, as we currently have a window of opportunity in the next five to ten years to prepare ourselves to lessen the shock of the changes and to enable us to get an economic benefit from those changes.
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electric or hydrogen for trucks?

Electric or Hydrogen for Trucks?

We are just at the beginning of a revolution in the powering of trucks, but we are already debating the issue of electric or hydrogen for trucks? This news piece from Deutche Welle runs through the issues which we need to discuss, as we head down the road to the brave new world of zero carbon emissions.
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fighting the public relations war

Fighting the Public Relations War

After watching the YouTube footage, which had been on the television news, of a blazing truck on the Westgate Freeway in Melbourne this week, it made me realise that as the truck industry moves towards its planned zero emissions future, it is going to have to start fighting the public relations war against the naysayers who attack electric trucks and who are rampant on social media.
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in favour of the diesel engine

Speak Out In Favour of the Diesel Engine

Will Shiers, PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, meets up with two UK truck industry experts, who dare to speak out in favour of the diesel engine. It’s safe to say they’re probably not on Greta Thunberg’s Christmas card list… Read More
first drive in the new Scania electric heavy

First Drive in the New Scania Electric Heavy Truck

Our colleagues in the International Truck of the Year Jury had the opportunity to get the first drive in the new Scania electric heavy trucks at the company’s HQ in Södertälje in Sweden and recorded their first impressions for us.
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testing possible hydrogen technology

Testing Possible Hydrogen Technology

The Traton Group of truck makers, including MAN, Scania and International are testing possible hydrogen technology, PowerTorque asked global  MAN CEO, Alexander Vlaskamp how that is likely to play out.
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