providing a mobile charging service

Providing a Mobile Charging Service

There is at least one operation which is out there actually providing a mobile charging service by the side of the road for working electric trucks, right now. Electric trucks are going to become a growing part of the trucking industry, as the drive towards zero emission transport picks up. 

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industry leader in zero tailpipe emissions

Industry Leader in Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Volvo Trucks is one of the early truck manufacturers to embrace battery power, electrifying its entire truck range from 16.7 to 44 tonnes, and declaring itself the industry leader in zero tailpipe emissions commercial vehicles in the process, PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, investigates.  Read more

five things you need to know this week

Five Things You Need to Know

Women have better awareness of trucks, the review of livestock loading schemes, our foot and mouth response begins, zero emissions plans for Iveco trucks and changes at the top for ZF are five things you need to know this week.  Read more

Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing

Volvo/Daimler Fuel Cell Testing

Volvo is showcasing its new zero-emissions truck which uses a Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing its feasibility for long distance road transport. The fuel cell has been developed by Cellcentric, the joint venture between the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck.  Read more

getting ready for electrification

Getting Ready for Truck Electrification

The trucking industry will, over the next few years, have to begin making plans about alternative power system and start getting ready for electrification. To find out more PowerTorque went to teh experts and asked JET Charge about some of the electric truck charging FAQs which the company comes across. Read more

looking at future product from Kenworth

Looking at the Future Product from Kenworth

This video gives us an idea of what we may see in Australia in the years to come, when looking at future product from Kenworth. This is what the brand had on show for US truck buyers at the recent Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in California. Read more

what alternative power will be like

What Alternative Power Will Be Like

We hear a lot about the development of zero emission trucks and the trucking industry reducing its carbon emissions, but we have no idea what alternative power will be like in the metal, what it sounds and smells like. Read more

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