major Daimler Trucks deal with Cummins is announced

Major Daimler Trucks Deal With Cummins is Announced

This week sees more repositioning in the face of growing interest in alternatives to traditional diesel power as a major Daimler Trucks deal with Cummins is announced. The global truck maker and the largest independent engine manufacturer, Cummins have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a global strategic partnership for medium-duty engine systems.  Read more

Cummins fuel cell power in Scania trucks

Cummins Fuel Cell Power in Scania Trucks

A grocery wholesaler in Norway is running Cummins fuel cell power in Scania trucks in an evaluation project to test the technology’s viability in longer range road transport. While electric power may prove to be the eventual solution in short range trucks, the fuel cell is fast becoming the favourite to provide a low carbon alternative to diesel in long range trucking. Read more

Scania and Cummins with a new fuel efficient engine

Scania and Cummins With a New Fuel Efficient Engine

A new inline six cylinder has resulted after Scania and Cummins with a new fuel efficient engine. Cummins and Scania have been long-term partners in engine and component development. Technology shared includes turbos and high pressure diesel injection systems. Read more

development of fuel cell/electric powertrains for trucks

Development of Fuel Cell/Electric Powertrains for Trucks

A couple of recent announcements will see a concentration on the development of fuel cell/electric powertrains for trucks by Hyundai and Cummins. Hyundai has entered into a joint venture to promote a green hydrogen ecosystem in European countries into the future. The Korean company has also recently announced a deal with engine-maker Cummins to combine Hyundai fuel cell technology with the electric powertrain Cummins is developing. Read more

how many clutches do you need?

Volvo May Have Overtaken Kenworth on Truck Sales?

With Volvo topping the heavy duty truck sales figures for the past two months, Volvo may have overtaken Kenworth on truck sales? In the figures published by the Truck Industry Council for June 2019, Volvo sold 225 heavy duty trucks, while Kenworth achieved 202. This leaves Volvo just 50 trucks behind Kenworth’s 1154 total sales for the year in this market segment. Read more

specialising in express freight

Specialising in Express Freight

Based at Beresfield near Newcastle, AJM Transport is specialising in express freight along the eastern seaboard between Brisbane and Melbourne. The company also runs an express freight service to Darwin, employing a two-up driving team operating the flagships of the fleet – a pair of Kenworth T909 conventionals. The two do opposite legs with one hauling a quad road-train and the other a B-triple.

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Foton is back for more

Foton is Back for More

The Australian truck market is witnessing a return of a familiar brand, Foton is back for more. The Chinese truck maker is introducing a new range of trucks into the light and medium duty truck market. Diesel News looks at the intention of the brand to release two new models.

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Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership

Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership

Cummins and Isuzu have announced another step forward in their partnership by entering into the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership agreement. The agreement formalises a business structure for the two companies to evaluate and carry out opportunities to jointly develop and bring new diesel and diesel-based powertrains to global markets.

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Cummins Integrated Powertrain program

Cummins Integrated Powertrain Program 

Mike Fowler, Cummins’ On-Highway Engine Director, is the man charged with overseeing the Cummins Integrated Powertrain program to ensure optimum results are achieved for Cummins’ customers. His prowess as a multi-combination driver means he is often behind the wheel of test trucks wired with fuel consumption meters and other testing paraphernalia while running up and down the highways.

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