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Stronger slosh control system

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Rapid Spray has announced an upgrade to their Ball Baffle ‘slosh & surge’ control system, which cuts down liquid movement inside any type of liquid transport tank. Rapid Spray reckons this delivers improved vehicle stability, better braking control and reduced wear and tear on the drive train, tyres, brakes and suspension systems.

“The ball baffle concept was inspired by the famed honeycomb baffle system, which is proven to be an incredibly effective technique for reducing liquid surge in aircraft and racing car fuel tanks,” says Daniel Firth, Rapid Spray Managing Director. ”Adapting this technology back in 2007, we developed our very own ‘slosh & surge’ control ball baffle system, capable of being retro fitted to any type liquid transport tank.

“Now, we’ve made the ball baffle system 300 per cent stronger with the addition of special ‘strengthening ribs’ for extra strength and modified the ball baffle assembly technique with the development of a faster ‘push, twist, lock’ feature.”

The Water Cart Specialists have over 35 Rapid Spray transport tanks fitted with the Ball Baffle system. They find the baffles easy to fit, tough and improve stability.

”Our trucks have to go off road into some difficult terrain and the Rapid Spray Ball Baffle system gives our drivers a high degree of confidence in all situations,” says Billy Bastian, Managing Director of Water Cart Specialists.

”We have also noticed that our trucks have less wear and tear because of the reduced ‘sloshing’ of the liquid in the tanks, particularly with the tyres and brakes.

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