Speedy reinvents the grease gun

Patented Italian-made Speedy Grease™ technology is now available for the first time Down Under. Rather than using pressure from a spring as found in traditional grease guns, it works on suction to deliver pumping pressures of up to 11,200 psi (77,220 kPa). This is claimed to double the pump rate and significantly improve cold weather performance.

According to Sergio Scassaioli, national sales and marketing manager of Speedy Grease local distributor Rationale Imports, “The seal makes all the difference. It creates a vacuum and allows the operator to bleed air pockets from the gun by pushing the seal with their fingers, while a larger and longer than normal piston allows the gun to pump out more grease.”

Its unique twin handle design allows the user to choose between double and single-handed operation, the latter made possible by the 60 kg rated magnet on the fixed handle that secures the gun to any flat steel surface, and the 80 cm long flexible hose.

The Speedy Grease™ unit comes with a two year warranty and costs $159.50. Visit www.speedygrease.com.au for more details.


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