Some Facts About Hydrogen

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The wonderful world of webnews is full of hype about the future of transport, electric power, zero carbon, fuel cells, everyone is talking about it, but we probably need a few facts, especially some facts about hydrogen, which is flavour of the month, at the moment. This video may help put it all into perspective.

We all have a pretty good idea about the technology in purely electric trucks. The technology is easy to understand and everyone accepts there is a need for a big improvement in battery performance to make these viable in many applications in Australia, as a result of the tyranny of distance.

On the other hand, the hydrogen fuel cell is being spruiked by its many supporters as a standalone solution, providing motive power in a truck. Is also being talked about as a range extender for electric trucks, enabling them to cover more ground on one charge, topping up the battery using a fuel cell. Getting a handle on exactly how the hydrogen power system plays out is a little more difficult than that of electricity.

This video sets out to give us non-tech-geeks a chance to assess the hydrogen question with a little bit of data in our back pocket when being overwhelmed by the hype around the subject.

All of this debate assumes the world is looking for a zero carbon future and everyone wants to reduce their carbon footprint and, ultimately, global warning. This may be the case in most of the world, but here in Australia, we can’t even get a consensus that climate change is actually happening, leaving us way behind the curve on this one.

However, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, watch this video, get some facts about hydrogen and keep informed about the latest developments in a very complicated area of interest. 


some facts about hydrogen