Smart Trailer Interior Wash Solution is Launched

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In a period when disinfection of food transport vehicles is even more important than before an innovative smart trailer interior wash solution is launched and is now available in Australia.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to keep everything as clean as possible to minimise the spread of infection. Food transport, is performing an essential role in the trucking industry and this new solution from Istobal enables effective and safe disinfection, both outside and inside, of refrigerated trailers.

smart trailer interior wash solution is launched

Originating in Spain, the Istobal HW’Intrawash is Europe’s first standardised automatic equipment for the interior washing and professional disinfection of refrigerated trailers and marine containers.

This revolutionary automatic trailer washing equipment achieves effective and safe disinfection when cleaning the interior of refrigerated trailers. Compared to manual washing this equipment reduces the average cleaning time by 60 per cent. 

The system is equipped with a set of stainless steel guides moved by a conveyor motor controlled by a frequency converter that regulates speeds on each program pass. It also includes a complete 70-bar high-pressure arch with high impact nozzles, with lower pipe spinning system for a sweeping effect, reaching all corners of the vehicle interior. 

Normally, the average time allocated for manual cleaning of a trailer is 15 to 20 minutes and manual disinfection of this type of trailer depends largely on the accuracy with which the disinfecting chemical is applied. With Istobal HW’Intrawash effective cleaning and disinfection is carried out with a standard five minute program and greater control is achieved in the consumption of chemical products.

With automatic equipment such as this, internationally patented, maximum efficiency is guaranteed in interior washing and disinfection, in a controlled and safe way. Through its rigorous application of disinfecting chemicals, the concentration, quantity and reaction time requirements suitable for each transport fleet are met.

Utilising a powerful high-pressure system, Istobal HW’Intrawash is capable of thoroughly washing the interior of vehicles up to 16 metres long, pushing the dirt through the rear door, where it is collected into a hopper. It is possible to carry out effective cleaning and disinfection with a standard five-minute program and, at the same time, achieve greater control and savings in the consumption of chemical products.

smart trailer interior wash solution is launched


For the external cleaning of food transport fleets, Istobal HW’Progress is a solution to achieve effective washing and disinfection since it incorporates all the technological innovation that transport professionals currently demand.

This wash rollover features a foaming chemical prewash application that sets it apart from other automatic wash systems. The foamy texture guarantees greater efficiency of the chemical product thanks to a longer reaction time on the vehicle’s surface. In addition, the automatic application of the chemical prewash also saves time and controls consumption by washing.

Istobal HW’Progress also has vertical brushes with double scrubbing function and shampoo injection by dosing pump, flexible configuration of up to 15 programs, among many other advantages. It also has a variety of options such as automatic high-Pressure prewash systems with high internal, lateral and top pressure that reach any corner of the vehicle, the manual prewash gun or low pressure high-pressure wash, to name just a few examples.

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smart trailer interior wash solution is launched