Smart Tippers

Smart tippers can bring significant gains in efficiency and new ways to secure loads for tyre deliveries

Increasing concern amongst inner city developers has led to a major reduction in the number of semi-tippers entering CBD building sites. Whilst a rigid and dog trailer or the increased capacity of a quad-dog trailer can provide a satisfactory solution, companies such as Trout River Trailers Australia provide a further option to the traditional end-over tippers, that of bottom tipping trailers.

“Live bottom” trailers totally eliminate any need for tipping a heavily loaded tub, providing a far safer alternative for moving various bulk loads with the added ability to continue working in any conditions.Live-Bottom-Trailers-8

The key is the moving belt, secured to link chains ensuring no slippage and positive response moving on the hardened rail system with three junior I-beams. The belt speed can be hydraulically regulated to the dump rate required. The system is completely controlled from the cabin of the truck, allowing for very detailed application rates.

With the rear barn doors fully open, the trailer can be emptied within minutes, or, in the case of the new double trailer combination, the rear door opening is regulated so that the road base and shoulder fill can be evenly spread, as required, while driving along the edge of the new road. Up time and versatility are enhanced with the quick couple rear attachments allowing for a wider range of applications suited to a full years work cycle.

The Trout River Live Bottom tippers feature Hendrickson’s lightweight INTRAAX® AAT230 suspension. The AAT230 with wide pivot bush, alloy preset hubs and centrifuge brake drums is the lightest 10.3-tonne-rated axle and suspension combination available in the market, contributing to the low 7.2 tonnes trailer weight with plenty of tolerance for a 30 tonnes payload.

Trout River also specify extended service brake linings with automatic slack adjusters and ABS. Hendrickson has also extended the life of brake components with a sealed, wider and stronger S-Cam bearing, ensuing down time for maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Safer tyre transport

German trailer manufacturer, Krone, offers two different load securing systems that provide optimum solutions, while at the same time conforming to European loading certification.

The first solution has been developed for the conventional transport of safe and securely loaded tyres and can be applied to all curtainsiders. Only two standard strapping belts are used for each post or loading section.

All-round stability and containment is achieved by using five plug-in plank sets and two sets of strapping rails.

The load is secured by diagonally tensioning the strapping belts at the height of the third and fifth strapping rail and connecting with the Multi Lock exterior frame. No additional horizontal plug-in planks are required for high volume transport, which provides a much greater handling advantage. Curtain bulge is greatly reduced by keeping the distance between the horizontal plug-in planks to a minimum.

With the new Multi Tyre Concept, Krone offers a certified load securing system for tyres that do not need cross-tensioning in the load compartment. This allows for easier and faster handling.

The basis of the system is a bespoke designed double-walled side curtain with five integrated, vertical, light alloy profiles in each of the four side pillar loading sections. In addition, two high-strength cables are mounted on each side over the whole trailer length. Thanks to Krone’s new design, complicated cross-bracing in the cargo area is no longer required.

And finally, we move back to Australia, where, in local news, leading tipper manufacturer, Hamelex White, has announced the appointment of Trailer Sales as its exclusive distributor for Hamelex White products in Queensland and Northern NSW.

Trailer Sales has been the Queensland distributor for the market-leading Freighter and Maxi-CUBE brands for many years, and this appointment will provide Queensland customers with one dedicated dealer in both Rocklea and Townsville.

Moving from Queensland to Western Australia, it was just a little over six months ago that Brett and Kirilly Butterworth established Kalgoorlie-based Brilly Haulage from a standing start.

Brett and Kirilly met whilst working in the mining industry and had gained an extensive knowledge of the pipe industry and the role it plays within the mining industry.

During his career working in the pipe industry, Brett had continually noticed a requirement for pipe transport services in the region. Kirilly drew up plans to create a start-up business transporting pipe, after which she and Brett did a circuit of all their contacts, discussing their plans to offer specialist extendable transport services within west Australia.

Mike Dawson, Northern Area Sales Manager for the local Freighter dealership, MaxiTRANS WA, and Freighter’s engineers worked with Brett to design a custom drop-deck extendable semitrailer.

At the first stage (closed), the trailer is rated at 32-tonne, stepping down to 20-tonne when fully open. Self-supporting loads up to 32-tonne can of course be carried at maximum length. This allows Brilly to haul mine site dongas without pedestals, as well as handling their customers’ longest pipe sections.

Additionally, when Brett was finalising the design he asked to include Meritor’s reliable CS9 tri-suspension module, along with wireless air scales. With read-outs on each axle, the scales also send live data via Bluetooth to the cab, where the driver can keep a close eye on weights without getting out and around the rig.

The Freighter trailer technology has helped Brilly secure WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation, and the business is already fitting interstate work in with the local jobs.

The new drop-deck extendable adds to the existing flat top extendable and means Kirilly now has two custom-built Freighter trailers in a fleet that seems destined to grow. Both current trailers are road train rated, and the unitised bearings insisted on by Brett mean Kirilly is expecting one million kilometres between replacements.

Kirilly says her next trailer will be a multi-role Tautliner, on which she and Brett are once again working to design with the guidance of Mike Dawson.

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