Slow release – NHVR start date pushed back

Generic Road shot2Ignore the NHVR advertisements on any transport media website for now because according to advice received by the Queensland Trucking Association on Monday the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Board decided that Release 2 (R2) of the NHVR that was due to go live on September 1 should be rescheduled to October 1, 2013.

The QTA bulletin says the Board made this decision based on its determination for the NHVR to have the best possible start at R2 and for this to be a positive experience for its customers, stakeholders and partners.

One of the major reasons for this decision is that very recent planned integration testing of the NHVR’s Access Management System has identified that more testing is required before it goes live. This system is central to the NHVR being able to efficiently process up to 100,000 permit applications each year.

The QTA bulletin states the additional time will also be used to continue working with jurisdictions about operational arrangements with the NHVR and on a range of industry matters including concerns about impacts on Special Purpose/OSOM vehicle movements.

More information and support will be provided to local government authorities regarding their role as road managers and what it means for them.

It also means more training and information about the Heavy Vehicle National Law can be provided to Police and Transport Inspectors ahead of the revised go live date.

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