Signs of the time on upgraded Calder Freeway to Sydney Road section of the Western Ring Road

Four full colour Variable Message Signs along the upgraded Calder Freeway to Sydney Road section of the Western Ring Road have now been installed.

Federal Minister for Road Safety, Catherine King, switched on the Variable Message Signs at an official ceremony today.

“These signs will allow administrators to quickly communicate information to M80 users, advising of everything from a vehicle breakdown to upcoming roadworks, which will help motorists navigate the road safely and without delay,” Minister King said.

 The Variable Message Signs are one component of the Freeway Management System being installed under the M80 Upgrade project.

Freeway ramp signals, lane use management systems and CCTV Cameras will also be added to help manage and improve traffic flow along the M80.

“With the opening of a new braided underpass exit in December last year, opening of a new flyover ramp in February, widening of the Jacana Tunnel to have four lanes in each direction, and the ongoing installation of the Freeway Management System, we have accomplished a lot and are on track to complete the upgrade along this section in early May,” Mr Mulder said.

“Freeway entry ramps will feature traffic lights which are connected to an intelligent system. The lights will detect how busy the freeway is and will turn on when needed to help manage traffic flow onto the freeway and improve travel time reliability.

“Motorists will see overhead electronic signs displaying the speed limit and lane availability. These signs will advise when lanes are closed to let motorists know when to merge. This will help improve safety and help return the freeway to normal conditions after an incident,” Mr Mulder said.

Ms King said the Australian Government has committed almost $865 million of the
$1.1 billion that will be invested in the M80 upgrade in this Nation Building Program period.

“This is just one part of the Australian Government’s record $6.8 billion commitment to Nation Building Program projects to rebuild and renew Victoria’s road, rail and public transport infrastructure,” Ms King said.


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