Shutting the Doors

Shutting the Doors

Milthorpe Transport is shutting the doors after nearly 40 years of business, with the Corowa-based company farewelling the transport industry.

Initially founded in 1988 by brothers Greg and Ray Milthorpe, the two diesel mechanics used their collective experience at Corowa Truck and Trailer Repairs to pioneer a new company.

Starting with just two trucks, Greg Milthorpe says the operator managed to reach an impressive milestone.

“We’ve nurtured Milthorpe for about four decades now – from its modest inception, it has steadily expanded into a family-owned business, with my sons, Steve, Rodney and Chris now integral parts of its operations,” Greg says.

“However, as we embark on this new chapter, we eagerly anticipate embracing the joys of family life and relishing in newfound leisure.”

On May 27 this year, Milthorpe Transport’s extensive assets, including its tools, trucks and more will be auctioned off courtesy of a sale facilitated by Pickles.

The recent retirement of Ray Milthorpe, coupled with Greg’s desire to follow suit, means the family business will gracefully exit the industry.

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to facilitate the auction of Milthorpe Transport’s assets,” Pickles industrial sales member Taylor McGrath says.

“As stewards of the auction process, it’s not just about the sale of assets, but about setting up the Milthorpe family for success in their next endeavours. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition and are confident that the proceeds from the auction will lay a solid foundation for the family’s future pursuits.”

Greg Milthorpe says there’s been challenges involved with sustaining the business amid evolving regulatory ladnscapes.

“Maintaining operational standards in an industry marred by stringent regulations and recruitment hurdles has proven increasingly arduous, especially at my age of 75,” he says.

“It’s time to pass the baton and transition into a new phase of life.”

While it’s a bittersweet moment for the Milthorpe family, Steve Milthorpe says the family’s resilience has continued to shine through.

“Though the closure marks the end of an era, it also signifies new beginnings. Our shared passion for car racing, which runs parallel to our trucking legacy, will continue to bind us as a family,” he says.

As the curtains draw on Milthorpe Transport, Greg Milthorpe expresses gratitude to the loyal team of approximately 60 individuals who contributed to the company’s success.

“The camaraderie and dedication exhibited by our team have been the cornerstone of our journey. We extend our best wishes to all involved as we eagerly embrace the next chapter,” he says.

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