Should reversing beepers be mandatory?

The Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland (CVIAQ) has been requested to submit comment into the use of reversing alarms following a fatal incident involving a reversing truck and dog trailer. The Coroner is examining, by inquest, the issue of whether or not to make a recommendation on mandatory fitment of these devices to trucks and truck/ trailer combinations.

The CVIAQ’s response will largely depend on input from members in the truck and trailer manufacturing sector and will look at the cost of the exercise balanced against the potential benefit from these actions. CVIAQ is aware that many trucks have these units fitted standard but would appreciate information from manufacturers on which brands and models do. The association is not aware of any substantial fitment in the trailer market.

The Australian design rules (ADR42) and the state regulations in QLD (TORUM) allow fitting but do not mandate it.

The CVIAQ invites interested parties to forward their comments and responses to John Samson:   


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