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Serving to Suit Needs

Serving to Suit Needs

Penske Truck Leasing has found recent success is in the type of customers they have been working with, serving to suit needs as the rental market suits specific businesses better than others.

They have been able to build working relationship with companies who aren’t as experienced in running their own fleets.

“We’ve really made progress with some manufacturing companies who aren’t necessarily transport companies,” explained Adrian Beach from Penske Leasing.

“We like transport companies, they use a lot of trucks and everything like that, but a bigger transport company has got fleet experts and maintenance experts, and procurement experts. Because trucks and transport is kind of their core competency, there’s not as much value that we offer them.

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“Whereas if we’re talking to a company that manufactures or produces something, processes something, they just need to have trucks, either as a customer service tool, to better service their customers to deliver equipment or tools or materials from one plant to the next. That’s where we really add a lot of value.

“A lot of those, fleet managers, there are operation managers, and they’re managing people and the plant equipment, and they got 20 different hats that they’re wearing in that company.

“With the lease deals we can offer them, we’re customising that program, it’s very bespoke. The base spec that we start with is maybe one of our five flavours of rental truck. If they want it blue, we’ll paint it blue. We put their livery on the side.

“If they want a different bull bar or a ballrace turntable, we can totally customise the spec. We structure the financing around how they’re actually going to use the truck. Our rental fleet reflects that the needs are not the same in every location. The rental fleet in each location kind of reflects the needs of the customers that are based out of there.

“That’s one of the things we like about the MAN TG3, and especially that 13 litre range that they have there. It’s a great little local truck for a customer.

“That’s one of the fun parts of the of the job is when you meet with a customer, and they’re not a truck expert, and you ask some questions about what they’re doing, where are they going? What’s the cargo? How is it secured, how they unload and unload?

“Then helping them pick the right tool for the job, that’s one of the fun parts of the job for me.”


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