Securing top talent with jobla

jobla is The Intermedia Group’s (TIG) newly launched niche employment site that showcases targeted employment opportunities to some of Australia’s most experienced, talented and hard to reach job seekers. It is accessed via TIG’s extensive selection of B2B websites incorporating eNewsletters and social media profiles.

According to the company, since its formation late last year jobla has hosted more than 28,000 visitors and received 110,000 page views. The site now boasts an average of 13,000 employment opportunity advertisements and has registered more than 38,000 visits, indicating 26 percent of jobla’s traffic comprises return users.

“A return user rate of 26 percent means there are around 9500 professionals who regularly visit jobla to view employment opportunities within their industry,” says Paul Humberstone, TIG’s general manager, recruitment services. “This is an impressive statistic, considering many individuals who make up our target audience are passive, mid to senior level job seekers.”

“One of the crucial success factors when launching any commercial website, particularly one within the highly competitive job board market, is rapid and significant traffic growth,” Paul added. “With an online audience reach of over one million across TIG’s various vertical markets and more than 95 access points throughout the network, jobla’s success can be attributed to its reach.”

jobla currently lists over 500 transport, logistic and supply chain jobs showcased directly to a monthly audience of over 11,000 industry professionals via and

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