Scania’s Flying Enigma Explained

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After watching these two videos many people will still need to have Scania’s flying enigma explained. The latest stunt by Scania, to be released on YouTube leaves the viewer puzzled about what is going and what point is being made. 

The first video looks great and sees a European semi trailer flying around a modern city unseen by the city’s unsuspecting residents, before touching down at the local airport, which seems to have a runway dangerously close to a multi-storey car park.

The second video purports to being made to explain what was going on in the first flying video, but still leaves the viewer puzzled about the point being made here. Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO of Scania stands on a cold and windy rooftop in Stockholm and appears to be explaining an enigma, but actually doesn’t tell us anything.

The whole exercise seems to be about being as obtuse and enigmatic as possible to keep our attention on something which is not going to be explained.

The idea seems to be simply to drive people to go and have a look at Scania’s Future room, where the truck maker talks about all of its blue sky thinking and developing road transport solutions for the future. 

Here is some of the discussions and thinking about the future Scania is talking about:

It is on this webpage where Scania becomes very enigmatic. It is very difficult to see just how this short film fits in to the Scania corporate thinking, but, clearly, Scania’s public relations department sees it as relevant. 

Are we looking to have Scania’s flying enigma explained, or is this latest video release simply a way of distracting the viewers attention after Volvo announced a major global truck launch last week?


Scania’s flying enigma explained