Scania officially one of the World’s leading innovators

For the second consecutive year, Scania has been recognised by Thomson Reuters as one of the Top 100 global innovators. Selection criteria include patent volume and success, global patent protection and patent influence.

“We are honoured to be recognised as one of the world’s leading innovators,” says Harald Ludanek, Executive Vice President, Scania Research and Development.

“The R&D team at Scania is at the forefront of developing new innovative systems that provide benefits for our customers, such as reduced fuel consumption, better drivability and high uptime. I’m proud of my colleagues, the engineers and technicians at Scania that have the spirit to create new ideas for customer value.”

Among the top 100 global companies, only three are based in Sweden. In addition to Scania, these are Ericsson and Sandvik. Of the top 100 innovators, 25 are Japanese.

Five European countries are represented among the top 100 with France as the leading nation.

The Thomson Reuters list includes seven companies in the automotive industry, twice as many compared with 2011. The others are Ford, Honda, the Japanese transmission manufacturer Jatco, Renault, Toyota and Valeo of France, which develops powertrain solutions and other automotive components.

The companies that promote innovation generate more jobs, are more profitable and gain more in stock value, according to Thomson Reuters’ analysis.


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