Scania is Modular No More

Scania is modular no more

The 13 litre in the Scania 460P Super pulling a single trailer and a Scania 560R Super pulling a fully loaded B-double set tested by PowerTorque and this all-new engine for Scania is modular no more. This test drive included the 460hp version and the 560hp version, which is taking the 13 litre into unknown territory.

This new engine sees Scania going away from the modular engine concept, where, whether you had eight cylinders or six, they were all the same cylinders, pistons etc. The new design’s twin cam heads cannot be fitted to the V8 engines it would make them too big dimensionally.

The move across to overhead cam in this engine came because Scania found efficiencies within overhead cams in getting air and fuel into engine and the exhaust gases out. Also, running an engine brake creates too much complexity and overloads components within the engine, it’s much simpler with an overhead cam.

Scania is modular no more

The fuel savings available with these engines is claimed by Scania globally to be around the eight per cent mark. Some will get more and some may get less. There will also be a corresponding increase in AdBlue consumption, probably around three per cent. How this plays out will vary with driver behaviour and freight task, but if Scania are saying eight per cent, then that level of saving, and more, should be possible.

This engine is the one which Scania’s owners, the Traton Group, are putting into the International trucks in the US truck market where low fuel consumption is the only way to sell an engine. The kind of numbers achievable there mean there are going to plenty of these engines in truck on highways around the world.

Scania is modular no more
Scania Super accessory

Questions are going to be asked by potential buyers of this truck about the high compression ratio, which might make them wonder about the durability. It might be compromised, time will tell. However, it would be very unlike Scania to go out on a limb on such an important development for the brand. With the kind of fuel and mass saving available with these trucks, the calculations are going to be relatively easy, as to how effective it may be in a freight task.

The new engine and transmission are not the only thing which has changed on the Scania Super, there’s also a new fuel delivery system from the diesel tank.The new fuel system is claimed to pull 97 per cent of the fuel from the tanks compared to the 85 per cent which could be practically used in the past.

There is a fuel optimisation unit fitted to the main fuel tank. It contains a fuel filter, a lift pump, and 27 litres of diesel and the engine is always pulling from that 27 litres of diesel. This enables the system to pull more diesel out of the tanks without overheating the fuel or sucking in air. It works as a kind of holding tank and it enables operators to maximise the capacity of fuel they can use.


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