Scania and MAN collaborate on next generation engine design | TRANSPORT NEWS

The options of alternative fuels and the introduction of ever tightening emissions regulations sees MAN and Scania now collaborating for a new common platform of engine design to take both brands into the future of transport.

The joint venture between the engineering divisions of both companies started work on the project back in 2012, but it is only now, with the stabilisation and growth of the TRATON Group, that both companies, backed by the parental oversight of TRATON, feel confident in releasing the information officially.

Information obtained by PowerTorque reveals that virtually each component in the new engine platform has been completely redesigned from previous influences of Scania and MAN engineering. Having a higher degree of commonality between the two brands also enables each to leverage off the other in terms of buying power and production efficiencies.

The new engine range when launched will appear in both brands, while enabling each manufacturer to maintain its own unique personality.

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