Scania aims to keep older vehicles in their Prime | TRANSPORT NEWS

Scania is reaching out to owners and operators of its older trucks to encourage them to visit a Scania workshop for a special lube service and health check.

The new Scania Prime programme aims to reach out to the close to 10,000 Scania trucks on the road aged  five-years-old or older, and which may not be operating under one of Scania’s successful maintenance contracts.

“No one knows Scania trucks better than our company-trained and tested technicians,” says Scania National Aftersales Manager, Patrik Tharna.

“As such we have the tools and the parts and the know-how to ensure these older trucks remain in prime condition, using genuine Scania replacement and service parts.

“In the current environment where trucking is deemed an essential service and where on-time deliveries are more crucial than ever, operators and drivers cannot afford to suffer unplanned stoppages.

“The Scania Prime concept will be good news for all of our old Scania friends. We’re starting with an offer of a lube service and health check for just $379 inclusive of GST,” he said.

The Scania Prime lube offer includes Scania LDF3 synthetic lubricant replacement, new Scania oil filter and a multi-point vehicle health check.

In addition, the vehicle operator also receives a 20% discount voucher for fitted genuine parts and labour carried out by Scania’s company-owned workshops around Australia on a future visit.

“It’s our way of showing how we continue to care for all Scania family members throughout their long working lives” he said.

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