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MTR360™ Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems with Live Online Reporting.

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The LSM Technologies MTR360™ Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a unique TPMS designed to monitor / report Tyre Pressures & Temperatures for Heavy Ridged and Multi-combination truck and trailer rigs of up to 8 x Tow Vehicles and up to 180 Tyres using either Large or Standard Bore Tyre Valves.

Major benefits:

  • Help maintain correct tyre inflation pressures.
  • Reduce tyre blow-outs and risk of roll-overs.
  • Extend tyre life and reduce operating costs
  • Quickly and accurately check tyre pressures on any vehicle type.

Typical applications:

  • On- Road Transport Rigs- Prime- Movers, Trailers / Dolly’s.
  • Off- Road Transport Rigs of the same.
  • Heavy Haulage Low Loader Rigs- up to 180 tyres.
  • All Crane configurations.
  • Quarry Truck Rigs.

The MTR360 TPMS continuously monitors air Pressures and Temperatures in your tyres by wireless transmitting data via RF signals using either Standard or Large Bore Air Valve Stem mounted Tyre Sensors to a digital Display that is mounted in the Cabin of the equipment.

Each of the RF Wireless Sensors has a unique serial number that is programmed to a specific wheel position on your equipment and allows you to customise the baseline tyre pressure that you want to maintain in your tyres.

Quick Installation and Simple Programming:
After a location in the Cabin for the Display / Monitor is selected and it is wired to a 12/ 24-volt power supply, the Sensors are easily programmed using the special Smart Link (SL) Programming Tool.
Also using the LSM Technologies SL Tool, one can program the entire TPMS as well as be used for quick tyre checking by simply pointing the device at the Prime- Mover or each Tow Vehicle to instantly see the Tyre Pressure and Temperature conditions.

Sensor Design and Construction:
The RF Tyre Sensors are built with a unique and extremely durable three-piece seal that provides consistent pressure on the valve core while minimising the potential for leaks. A potting material encapsulates and stabilises the internal components to help withstand vibration and impact from the project site and maximise the durability. In addition, the sensors contain a Lithium-Ion battery that provides long life for consistent signal transmission.

Operator Accountability (data storage and lockout):
The MTR360 has the capability to record and store date / time stamps for up to 1000 alarms and the monitor can be locked to prevent inadvertent programming or tampering.

“Drop and Hook” Feature:
The MTR360 provides for complete “Drop and Hook” operations. Each Vehicle / Tow has its ID registered into the MTR360 TPMS. As each Tow vehicle is “dropped” / disconnected the MTR360 recognises this and so no longer monitors the Tyre Sensors for the respective Tow(s).

When each Tow Vehicle is “hooked” / reconnected, the MTR360 re- instates the Tow(s) Tyre Sensors into the MT360 TPMS for monitoring again.

Warning / Alerts:
The following Alerts / Warnings are provided on the MTR60 TPMS Display to the Driver / Operator or Dispatch via our SAFETYTRAX Online Reporting.
Low Pressure I: A Level I warning is activated when the pressure in any of the tyres drop 12.5% below the set- point baseline tyre pressure.
Low Pressure II: A Level II warning is activated when the pressure in any of the tyres drop 25% below the below the set- point baseline tyre. In both Low Pressure I and II, an audible alarm and red warning light are activated and the specific tyre position and pressure are shown on the display.
FastLeak™ Warning (patent pending): triggered when the pressure drops 19.3 Kpa (2.8psi) within 12 seconds regardless of the baseline tyre pressure. This assists a Driver to take corrective action should a tyre be rapidly loosing pressure eg Truck Steers.
High Pressure: This is an optional setting to provide a warning if the pressure in the tyre increases to more than 25% of the baseline tyre pressure.
High Temperature: A “HOT” temperature alarm is activated when the temperature of the sensors reach 80 DegC (175° F).
Lost Sensor: Should a Sensor signal not be received by the Display / Monitor then a “Lost Sensor” warning will be indicated.

LSM Technologies On-line SAFETYTRAX TPMS interface provides live Pressure / Temperature monitoring, recording, reporting and alarm notification capabilities. This means one can quickly and safely check tyre pressures before during and after each haulage movement.

For more information contact LSM Technologies
ph: 07 3725 8100 – email: Brendan.villiers@lsmtechnologies.com.au

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